I had the opportunity to volunteer for the MS 150 in Austin throughout the weekend. On Friday, I was able to help direct bikers to the busses taking them to Houston, the start of the race. And on Sunday, I was able to cheer on the bikers as they crossed the finish line, help load […]

The 2017 Texas 4000 team celebrates after completing its first 100-mile training day. There are more to come in preparation for a trek from Central Texas to Alaska in June. Adrian Rios’ life turned upside down when his mother was diagnosed with a non-cancerous but inoperable brain tumor a few years ago. All seemed hopeless […]

Alexis Mason — or to most who know of her from this area, Lexie — has been on quite a ride since graduating from Atlanta High School in 2013. As life goes, little did she know the ride would be wrought with sadness, life-altering measures, and perplexing circumstances that would lead to a devotion to […]

  We are currently looking for passionate individuals with eagerness to learn about and help an amazing cause. These nine internship opportunities will directly support the Texas 4000 fundraising and special events programs, activities and projects, as well as provide administrative support to all areas within the organization as needed. 5-10 hours/week minimum desired. Internships […]

When arriving at the Dell Children’s Healing Garden, the area was devoid of activity, only populated by tables, chairs, and a couple volunteers, a stark contrast from the activity that would fill the outdoor space a couple hours later.  The event taking place in the garden was a part of the Brave the Shave campaign, […]

Donating bone marrow has never sounded like the most pleasant thing to do.  If you weren’t already thinking “big needles”, you are now, and that’s enough to make anyone uneasy. So when you see a group of students wielding clipboards and swabbing packets, and they ask you if you have “5 minutes to join the […]

AUSTIN – In June, a group of students from the University of Texas at Austin will embark on a journey from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska. The group, known as Texas 4000, is made up of 76 students on a mission to share hope knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer. Catherine Butschi, a 2012 graduate of […]

As a Texas 4000 rider, I know that Saturdays are for T4K. But this week, Sunday was also for T4K. This past Sunday, the day after the team’s first 90 mile ride, I woke up and volunteered at the Austin 10/20, a unique 10 mile race with live music stages every ½ mile. That’s where […]

So early on in my Texas 4000 involvement, it’s often hard to comprehend the immensity of our journey.  The 2018 team has not begun training miles yet – we won’t have our bikes for another six months.  Until then, we learn a lot, listen a lot, speculate a lot, but the realities of a 4,500 […]

Rachel DeSantis, Keeton Schenck, Nicole Wong, Valerie Vines, Kelsey Ball and Jeff Conley volunteer at the skin cancer screening event in the Student Activity Center (SAC) Ballroom. Making skin cancer prevention a priority on the Forty Acres, Texas 4000 offered free skin cancer screenings to 300 students, faculty and staff on campus in late March. […]