July Meeting & Potluck with 2012 LIVESTRONG Texas 4000

On July 9, their route will come through Eugene for the first time in the ride’s history. The organization has a long history of developing friendships and relationships with hosts, and we hope that you will consider joining us for the potluck.

Please RSVP to Garry Swanson, garry@eugenegears.org or 541-726-3997 and sign up to bring a main dish, salad or desert for the POTLUCK. Let’s give a real Eugene GEARs welcome to these 23 young men! They are excited to come to Eugene, and to meet people in our city.

The organization, made up of University of Texas students, annually bikes from Austin, TX to Anchorage in 70 days between June 1 and August 10. Their ride will cover over 4,400 miles, and they will be raising over a quarter-million dollars for cancer research. I encourage you to learn more about their organization by visiting: https://www.texas4000.org.