Engage with the Team

Host the Team

Texas 4000 relies on the generosity of our hosts to help the team throughout their summer journey by taking them in along the way. All three routes begin and and end their days in different cities and towns for each one of the seventy days. If you live in any of the cities we will pass through this summer and would be interested in assisting us, please email info@texas4000.org for the signup procedure. We invite you to look through our Host Packet for more information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Hosts allow us to share more hope, knowledge and charity from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska and beyond:

HOPE: Residents in the towns we pass through have a much more intimate knowledge of their communities than we do, and can help us spread our message to those in each community fighting cancer or affected by cancer. This includes individuals and families as much as hospitals, organizations and treatment centers.

KNOWLEDGE: Our hosts also help us share cancer education throughout the communities we visit. Knowledge about cancer, early detection and prevention is key to fighting and beating this disease. Riders give presentations to church congregations, businesses, support groups, and community event attendees and are open to additional suggestions on how we can spread awareness in your community.

CHARITY: This year the 2016 Texas 4000 team’s goal is to raise $800,000 – when met, that will push the Texas 4000’s twelve-year total of money raised to over $7 million! In order to accomplish our grantmaking goals we must keep trip expenses to a minimum. For riders that means no hotels, few showers and a lot of meals made up of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We invite you to help us make the most out of where our money goes and help us make the trip a little more pleasant by providing food, shelter and maybe even showers for our road-worn cyclists. 

Book a Program

Whether in Austin throughout the year or in cities and towns across the summer routes, we want to do our best to share hope, knowledge and charity. Our riders have a brief and interactive program (approximately 20 minutes) that includes information about prevention and early detection as well as why they signed up for Texas 4000 and what we’re all about. The program is modified according to audience and we consider it an honor to provide this type of outreach. We’ve spoken to church congregations, hospital patients, support groups, school students, community event attendees, businesses, and more. Please contact info@texas4000.org if you are interested in arranging a speaking engagement for members of the team.

Send Package / Mail to Riders

Send a package or mail to riders en route via ‘mail drop’ addresses along each route. Click on the routes below to view specific mail drop addresses along with sending dates/deadlines for each.

The 2018 Texas 4000 team mail drop list will be posted as soon as it is confirmed.

Become a Bicycle Buddy

Bicycle Buddies is Texas 4000’s new way of connecting with the cancer-fighting community. The program is essentially a pen pal program that pairs up a Texas 4000 rider with a person currently undergoing cancer treatment, a cancer survivor, or their family members. Buddies  are paired based on common interests and by which communication method they prefer (email, letters, FB, etc.). Buddies can sign up to get paired below and matches will be made on a rolling basis leading up to the summer ride. Please contact info@texas4000.org with any questions.

Request for Volunteers

Texas 4000 riders each volunteer a minimum of 50 hours in the community as part of our program. That means we have a volunteer force of 180+ dedicated students at any given time. While the teams have many annual commitments to volunteer at rides, races, events and at nonprofit cancer offices, we occasionally have room in our schedule for additional volunteer opportunities. Please contact info@texas4000.org if you have a volunteer need that is related to the fight against cancer. We may not be able to respond to every request but will be in touch if we are able to help!