Sierra Route – Nelchina, AK
Rockies Route – Nelchina, AK
Ozarks Route – Nelchina, AK

Texas 4000 cultivates student leaders and engages communities in the fight against cancer. We share hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer through our cornerstone event, a 4,000+ mile bike ride from Austin to Anchorage. Join Us →

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Dedicate our ride today!

Tell us about a friend or loved one struggling with the effects of cancer, and we'll dedicate our ride to them the following day.

Next Event: Anchorage Finish Line Festival, Presented by Hilcorp Alaska, LLC

Upcoming Events

Presented By Join us to help celebrate the completion of the 2022 team’s 70 day journey in Alaska. We have a weekend of festivities planned, all kicking off with our Anchorage Finish Line Festival, Presented by Hilcorp Alaska, LLC.  Join us to cheer the 2022 team across the finish line on Friday, August 12th, enjoy […]

Join us for an exciting event giving you a look inside the extraordinary journey that the young women and men take as they participate in Texas 4000’s 18-month leadership development program which culminates in a 70-day cancer fighting ride from Austin to Anchorage on three different routes through hundreds of communties where riders spread hope, knowledge, and charity. Come celebrate the 2022 team and meet the 2023 team which will carry on Texas 4000’s cancer fighting mission.

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