The Ride Goes On

Pedal with us on our virtual ride June 1st - June 26th.

Live Stream - 2020 Summer Ride Presented By Abbott

Broadcast Schedule

Thank you to everyone who watched, participated, and supported the Texas 4000 2020 team during their 4-week virtual summer ride from May 29th to June 26th and joined for Tribute 2020: Dedication to celebrate the 2020 team.

If you missed Tribute, you can watch it above, and if you missed one of the daily broadcasts, you can watch them any time on Facebook and YouTube at the links below.


The 2020 will continue to raise funds for the fight against cancer through the end of September. If you would like to support them and the fight against cancer, you can donate through the donate button on this page on the right.

Again, thank you to everyone for joining us in the fight against cancer.

The Texas 4000 2020 Team, Staff, & Board

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