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Texas 4000 cultivates student leaders and engages communities in the fight against cancer. We share hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer through our cornerstone event, a 4,000+ mile bike ride from Austin to Anchorage. Join Us →

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Dedicate our ride today!

Tell us about a friend or loved one struggling with the effects of cancer, and we'll dedicate our ride to them the following day.

Next Event: Amplify Austin

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I Live Here, I Give Here believes in amplifying the power of your generosity! Amplify Austin Day, which debuted in 2013, is our city’s annual community-wide day of online giving. The 24-hour period provides an easy and fun way for our entire community to give together while helping hundreds of local nonprofits. Support your favorite […]

If you can spot it, you can stop it. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. However, if caught early, skin cancer is almost always curable. Texas 4000 Skin Cancer Screenings aim to help our community fight cancer by catching symptoms early and […]

Texas RIDE is a new, exciting event benefiting Texas 4000 for Cancer in partnership with the Cockrell School of Engineering. The 2018 Texas RIDE will be held on April 6-7 in the Cockrell School of Engineering’s EERC. Teams of 12 students and faculty will spend 24 hours on stationary bikes (approximately 2 hours per team […]

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