A group cycling from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to help spread hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer called Vegreville home last night. Vegreville has once again played the roll of hosts to an amazing group of young people. The Town of Vegreville’s Emergency Services personnel welcomed the Texas 4000 team to […]

All y’all come back now. Lloydminster is ready to say that again in Texas lingo to a new set of young cyclists pedalling for cancer from Austin Texas, to Anchorage Alaska, as they did a year ago. The 26 riders on the 2017 Texas 4000 team named for the 4,000 mile trek, will make an […]

COOS BAY, Ore. – 4,000 people from Texas rolled into Coos Bay on bicycles Wednesday with a mission to share hope, knowledge and charity for cancer research. The Texas 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting cancer. The team is made up of college students. They started their ride last month in Austin, Texas, with Anchorage, […]

When Katie Russell of Plano, Texas, rides her bicycle a hundred miles per day through hot, dry deserts and through steep mountain passes, she remembers all her family members who have fought against cancer. She said cancer has been prevalent among her family members, who have experienced a lot of loss. Her grandmother is currently […]

It’s difficult to read the paper or watch television anymore without being bombarded with news about senseless bloodshed, violence, disease, hunger, starvation, hatred, abuse and myriad other social and moral injustices. Just how do we go about trying to “fix” the way things are in today’s world? Mind boggling to think about it. Is it […]

ST. CLOUD – A group of college students from the University of Texas – Austin are spending their summer biking on the longest annual charity bicycle ride in the world. On day 37 of the 13th annual Texas 4000, the group stopped in St. Cloud to continue their efforts to raise money and awareness for cancer […]

WXOW News 19 La Crosse, WI – News, Weather and Sports | La Crosse, WI (WXOW) –33 days and just over 2,000 miles have brought 21 Texas students to Gundersen Health System in La Crosse, and they’re not even halfway finished with their journey. “About every 10 days, we’ll have a rest day,” said UT-Austin student Liz […]

IDAHO FALLS — A group of Texas-based cyclists were pleasantly surprised by what they found last week when they crossed into Idaho. Several in the group had never been to the Gem State before and were impressed with east Idaho’s landscape and people. “Idaho was more beautiful than I expected,” said Sarah Gutberlet. The cyclists […]

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) – A road trip for one Laredoan is taking her from central Texas to Canda, but she is not making the trip by car. Nicole Wong is a college student from Laredo and she’s joined an annual cycling fundraiser called The Texas 4000. Nicole is still riding and is one of 70 riders participating in […]

Catherine Butschi of Cedar Rapids, one of about 70 students bicycling more than 4,000 miles to raise money for cancer research, stopped in Iowa City with her teammates Tuesday night. She wanted to talk with Iowans about cancer prevention. Texas 4000, launched in 2004 by a pair of University of Texas students, is the longest […]