Texas bikers roll across Montana for a special cause

A group of college students are biking for a special cause – and today they cruised into Bozeman.

“We don’t really have the money to fund some significant cancer research,” said Sarah Kettles, ride director. “So we use our youth and our bodies to try and make a difference and inspire others by raising money and spreading hope and knowledge about cancer prevention.”

A group of 69 University of Texas students are part of the Livestrong Texas 4000 Ride.

They will pedal more than 4,500 miles to support the fight against cancer.

They’re just 30 days into the 70-day trek, which goes from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska.

The group covered 104 miles today after leaving Yellowstone, and one biker says it was one of the most beautiful rides so far.

“You come into Montana and you thought it would look a lot more like Wyoming than it did but it’s a lot more green and smells better too,” said Jonathan Hyak, ride assistant director. “A little more piney.”

The bikers will head to Montana City tomorrow and then on to Great Falls.

By: Keele Smith

Original content from KXLF