• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

About: Hi everyone!! I'm Siri and I'm a freshman Business and Plan II major from Austin, Texas. I'm hoping to pursue a career within the public policy and business sector.

Outside of Texas 4000, I am involved in Texas Sweethearts where I volunteer and spend time with an amazing group of women here at UT! I am really excited that you made it to my rider profile, and I can't wait to bike from Austin, TX to Alaska! 4500 miles here I come :)

Why I Ride

When I reminisce about my childhood, I feel blessed. My mom, one of the most selfless and kindhearted people I know, always preached to love others. A small glimpse of her is taking in stray animals that she found in India, being the first to make soup for a sickly neighbor, and never missing a sporting event for my brother and I. Likewise, I have learned a lot about loving others from my father. After a long day at work, he'd come home and take my brother and me to the tennis court to work on our backhand, teach me everything from algebra to driving, and always care for my family with such tenderness. My parents are excellent role models, and what they've taught me about unconditional love is at the center of Texas' 4000s mission. They both inspire me to give back, which is at the forefront of why I ride.

Initially, when I heard about a high school acquaintance signing up to bike from Austin to Alaska, I thought this club was full of crazy people. There was no way I would want to do anything like that, let alone be able to do it. I kept seeing Texas 4000 on speedway and hearing about it here and there, but I never seriously considered joining it. However, when my uncle— who is not related by blood but is my family's closest friend— was recently diagnosed with cancer, the same thoughts clouded my brain. I kept thinking, what can I (an eighteen-year-old college student) who lives across the country from my uncle do to help? I was reminded that spreading hope can be enough to keep someone alive, and Texas 4000 was the first thing that came to mind.

Once this sense of empowerment dissolved my feelings of weakness, I showed up to the first Texas 4000 information session offered. Within minutes, I felt hope, strength, and a call to action. Cancer affects people every day, and my list of reasons and people I ride for is constantly growing. I will ride for my uncle, my best friend's sister, the teammates and friends I'll meet along this journey, and everyone they've encountered touched by cancer. We will continue to fight for a cancer-free future.

Biking to Alaska isn't my end goal—it's everything I am doing in between. I want to raise money for cancer research and treatment. I want to educate myself and others about life-saving information about cancer prevention. Lastly, I want to hear people's stories to share around the continent and spread hope. That is my mission.