• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX

About: Hi my name is Jalini! I'm a Junior Public Health major from Dallas, TX. In addition to my major, I'm also working towards a certificate in Scientific Computing and Data Science. On campus, I'm involved in Habitat for Humanity and Longhorn EMS. In my free time I love reading books, cooking, baking, and trying new coffee shops around Austin. Feel free to reach out to me via email if there's anyone you'd like to me ride for!

Why I Ride

Working as an EMT and in a physical therapy office has completely shifted the narrative of cancer as an illness in my world. While I’m grateful that no one in my family has been affected by cancer, I can see in my patients what a painful, scary, overwhelming, and isolating experience it can be. I see it in the winces and tears of my ovarian cancer patient. It’s evident in the numerous appointments, the second opinions, the chemo visits, the biopsies, the surgeries, the physical therapy sessions, the disruption of everyday life, the uncertainty in not knowing how a lab is going to come back. I see it in the ambulance rides alone, the rooms filled with wilted flowers, the constant rollercoaster of pain and emotions associated with a diagnosis that takes over your life day by day. But my patients are more than just their diagnoses: they’re someone’s mom, dad, teacher, or close friend. I hope that being a member of Texas 4000 allows me to share these stories and become an advocate in the fight against cancer.

Being a part of Texas 4000 to me is really about being a part of a community of students selflessly dedicated to a cause greater than themselves. Deciding to bike 4000 miles to Alaska in hopes of spreading awareness and hope isn’t an easy commitment to make, yet more than 50 riders make it every year in hopes of making a difference and changing the narrative. It is such an honor to be a part of the team and another voice in the fight, to be the change I hope to see in the world, to actually embark on the journey to Alaska. I hope that for every mile I ride, I am able to share the stories of those who couldn’t be here. I hope that every dollar I commit to raise generates more grant money, supports more research, increases access to screening, and provides support services for those with a loved one undergoing treatment.

I ride to spread awareness about prevention, to spread hope and stories, for the healthcare professionals who spend their careers offering top notch care, and for the scientists working everyday to find a cure. I ride for my teammates and the change they hope will make a difference, for a future where no one receives such a terrible diagnosis, a day where no one has to think about losing a loved one too soon. I ride for anyone who feels alone, lost, or scared, I ride because my body allows me to–because I can.

To Alaska and Back,