• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Austin, TX
  • School Year: Senior
  • Major: Canfield Business Honors & Finance

About: Hey y’all! My name is Anna and I am a senior Canfield Business Honors & Finance major from Austin, Texas. Outside of Texas 4000, I am involved in Texas Sweethearts, which is a spirit organization here at UT. In my free time, I love trying out new coffee shops and restaurants, going on walks with friends, and doing any sort of graphic design. I am super excited to be a part of Texas 4000 and to share hope, knowledge, and charity in the fight against cancer!

Why I Ride

When I first joined Texas 4000, I wrote the following:

“Seeing my grandma not receive the help she deserved hurts me more than anything. I want to join Texas 4000 to help create a future where those who are affected by cancer won’t have to experience this same feeling. While no one in my immediate family has been diagnosed with cancer, I ride for those who have been impacted and whose stories I cannot imagine experiencing. I ride for the relatives of my family friends, whether these are grandparents, parents, or children. I ride for the campers my sister was a counselor for at Camp Kesem whose lives were changed by cancer from a young age. Although I couldn’t help my grandma with her specific struggles, I want to help those who have battled or are battling cancer in order to create a cancer-free future.”

Since becoming a part of Texas 4000, I have realized that more people in my life have been impacted by cancer than I originally thought. I learned about a professor’s history with cancer, a high school teacher’s recent battle, and my grandpa also was diagnosed this August. While my number of reasons for riding keep growing, my “Why I Ride” remains the same: I want to make a positive impact and do what I can to create a better future.

To Alaska and back,
Anna Kamepalli