• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Houston, TX

About: The distinct, yet ambiguous approaches which present themselves in chemical engineering have always grasped my interest. I can change the world through a better understanding of applying chemical changes and properties to systems.
Through my experience in Scouting merit badges, sponsorship with local companies, and general communication with others, I have found chemical processes interacting with every industry and occupation in today’s society. This has correlated with the goal I set for myself for as long as I remember, the goal of changing the world. Inspired by current chemical engineers in the industry, I see chemical engineering as the most promising means of changing the world due to its scope. From the president of the New York Stock Exchange to an engineer for Febreeze, the major led me to see myself being able to have such goals. For instance, while an engineer for Febreeze might seem like one with little to no impact, a further understanding brought me to consider the value elderly caretakers have to such a simple product that betters the caretaker’s experience. Therefore, I plan to achieve this goal by challenging myself to apply myself to a range of experiences that would allow me to understand the world better, and hopefully leave a positive impact on those accompanying me in such experiences.

Why I Ride

I want to cycle to Alaska to fight cancer to aid in bringing awareness to cancer and learn more about its effects. I have lost my Grandpas to cancer, and I know friends who have lost their mothers to breast or ovarian cancers, so I want to share stories of valuable people in my life while learning about others’ experiences. I hope to teach others how to utilize their ambitions and the community to fund their ambitions during my time in Texas 4000.