• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Magnolia TX

About: Hey, y'all! My name is Catie Nunn, and I am so excited you are here. I can't wait to tell you about myself and my Texas 4000 journey to spread hope, knowledge, and charity. I am a freshman majoring in exercise science, hoping to get my masters in occupational therapy.

I am the youngest of three kids with two older brothers, who are like best friends to me. I love spending quality time with my family, whether that be through camping trips or one of our many arduous twenty-two-hour drives to Pennsylvania to visit relatives.

As for what I like to spend my time doing, I rode and showed horses for ten years. I also became an avid half marathon runner, running four races with my dad. Then in my senior year of high school, running turned into my current sport, triathlon. However, when I am not doing any sports or outdoorsy activities, I love baking yummy treats, playing board games, and hanging out with my friends.

Why I Ride

I ride for the strongest woman that I know, my mom. Before I can remember, my mom was diagnosed with a late-stage of Lyme disease that also came with the diagnosis of POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). This diagnosis would forever change her life and everyone around her. POTS is an autonomic disease that limits blood volume, particularly when standing up, causing severe lightheadedness and a rapid increase in heart rate. Limiting her in so many ways that we often take for granted. Between rapid drops in blood sugar, limitations on how long she can stand, mood swings, and severe fatigue, every day can seem like a challenge.

She still fights POTS every day, but she has never given up. She always chooses to put her family above all. She has worked so hard to find ways to thrive in the situation she has been given. She opened her own business, raised three crazy kids, who are all now thriving in college, and continues to be a great inspiration to me every day. Through her, I have learned to be caring and patient, especially when I don’t always know what someone may be going through. She showed me what it means to be resilient, and I could never imagine going through what she does daily. It makes biking to Alaska look easy.

I ride for my grandpa, who passed away due to esophagus cancer. While I was far too young to remember him, there is a single photo that exists of us meeting before he passed.

I ride for a past classmate and friend who passed away from a very aggressive cancer. He was a wonderful friend who, no matter the adversity, always looked on the bright side. He always carried a smile and never skipped an opportunity to help someone.

I ride for everyone who has helped and supported me to get to where I am today, but I don’t just ride for those who have impacted my life. If anyone has been on your heart and you would like me to ride for them, please feel free to reach out at