• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

About: Hey y'all! My name's Ava, and I'm a junior born and raised in Austin, TX! I'm double majoring in Plan II and Biology, with a minor in English and a Bridging Disciplines certificate in Patients, Practitioners, and Cultures of Care. I'm passionate about bringing the humanities into healthcare settings and other academic disciplines through storytelling and compassion. I'm a volunteer with the UHS Gynecology Clinic, a research assistant with Dr. Tyler Jorgensen, a high school biology tutor, and serve as a member of AISD's Student Health Advisory Council.

I love spending time outside, especially rock climbing, hiking, and swimming in Barton Springs. I've never felt as at peace as I do when I'm floating on my back in the water, looking up at the sky. I'm so grateful to my family and the wonderful friends I've found here at UT. It's a gift to be surrounded by people that encourage me to live life to the fullest.

cheers :)

Why I Ride

When I look back at photos from my childhood, I can watch the growth of my family, as I grow out of my bangs and chubby cheeks, and my brothers gradually outpace me in height. These photos also serve as a reminder of the legacy that cancer has in my family. I ride for my grandmothers, Garland and Denna, for my aunt, Edie, and for my grandpa, Allen. I ride to honor them and to celebrate the ways in which they have inspired me to live in the present moment for the people I love.

My family has taught me how important it is to be generous, with your words, with your time, and with your love. They’re the reason I cherish handwritten letters, long hugs, and being brave enough to say what you really mean. I ride with the hope and belief that people can change for the better, that they will learn the power of their words and share their love unabashedly. I ride for the chance to build relationships with the people we love and for the privilege to heal the wounds we inflict on one another. I ride for my family and friends who have faced cancer and confirmed my belief in the strength of the collective human spirit.

If there is someone you’d like me to ride for, please reach out to me at

To Alaska and Back,