• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Skokie, IL

About: Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

I'm Ana Vuckovic and I am so excited for the 18 months of planning and training ahead that will culminate in our ride to Alaska. I'm a sophomore studying math and while I like to keep an open mind for the future, my passion is in education and I hope to help others discover their own passion -- whether it be in math or another field.

Outside of the classroom you can find me at triathlon practice, journaling, or going for absurdly long walks.

Why I Ride

My grandmother lived with us for the first 12 years of my life — a constant presence throughout my adolescence. Every time I left the house she was there to send me off, and when I returned she was the first to greet me. When she tucked us in, she made sure to push us away from the edge of the bed out of fear we would fall off.

There was never a doubt in me and my sister’s minds about her love for us or the world around her. She cared for every living thing, tending carefully to her garden each day and feeding any stray animal who came along. She shaped our family and was the twine that bound us together.

But then things changed. She got sick, hard and fast. She was ready to die, the doctors expecting it to happen at any moment and as a final request she wanted to return home, back to Serbia. That was supposed to be it. A final goodbye huddled in our living room as my dad accompanied her to the airport that night.

But no one is more resilient than her.

Upon her return home, she continued tending to her plants and flowers and as she cared for them, they cared for her in turn. My uncle would call to tell us they upped her therapy sessions, which always meant he had gotten her another tomato plant, another rose bush; something to keep her moving day in and day out. Each time we visited, she would cook our favorite foods and tuck us in, this time on the constantly broken and fractured bones that multiple myeloma had caused. Each step to water her plants was filled with pain. But those plants kept her alive for far longer than the doctors expected. They kept her alive until they didn’t.

Despite my grandmother being gone, her spirit never died. She was someone who found so much love in her heart despite the hardships she faced.

Her spirit drives my ride. Each mile will be faced with determination and unrelenting love for those who have battled cancer, those who have won, and those whose light is never fully extinguished.

If there is anyone you'd like me to ride for, don't hesitate to reach out at

To Alaska and back,