• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

About: Hi y’all! My name is Aparna Narayan and I’m from Austin, Texas! I am a junior studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Outside of Texas 4000, I am involved in Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering where I help bring technical opportunities to provide an inclusive environment within my major. Furthermore, I am also a First-Year Interest group mentor where I help transition freshmen year students into college. In the past, I have volunteered at the Austin’s Children Museum, Girlstart (a non-profit organization for girls in STEM) and worked with Best Brains Learning Center (Math and English Tutor Center) so I love working with different groups of people!

After my undergraduate studies, I plan on working full-time in the electrical engineering (hardware) industry and potentially get my masters or MBA down the line.

My hobbies include watching Netflix, reading cheesy rom-com novels, traveling, going on walks, spending time with family & friends, and trying out new cuisines! (Italian and Indian will always be my favorite though) Music is a huge part of my life, and my favorite genres include pop, country (yes, I like country contrary to most), and Bollywood. I’m also always down to try out new coffee shops and explore around Austin!

I look forward to creating unforgettable memories and hearing so many new stories! Feel free to text me at 512-998-3328 or email me at so I can hear your story :)

Why I Ride

When I was entering college, I always wanted to be a part of something that I would remember for the rest of my life, way beyond these four years. When I got into Texas 4000, I was beyond ecstatic to be a part of an organization in which I can make a lifelong impact in. When I got my acceptance, my feelings of excitement were also surrounded with feelings of fear. I thought that there was no way someone like me could partake in this, but slowly I started to realize that ordinary people like me are the ones who can make all the difference.

Cancer means something different to each person and family. For some, they have been dealing with it for their whole lives or most of it. Others empathize with the people that cancer affects, but they’ve had indirect connections. I want to raise awareness so that it feels important to everyone, regardless of the personal connections that one may have.

The physical condition and yearning to find a cure is just as equally important as the emotional side that cancer brings out. The looming side effects of the emotional exhaustion that each person, their family and/or loved ones take is something that is rarely discussed. Cancer not only affects the patient themselves, but everyone else who is involved in their life. The constant doctor appointments, check-ups, and running in and out of hospitals can take a toll on anyone’s mental health and will undeniably shift family dynamics as well. Reacting to and dealing with such a big change and processing these heavy feelings is incredibly frightening, especially for young children. When a patient beats cancer, they briefly talk about the joy but then still may have to worry about the fear of relapse and for some, they have to deal with the grief and all the difficult aspects attached to it. I want people to be comfortable in opening up about all the emotions they may have to endure and feel that they are not alone.

By visiting the different communities and educating myself and others on cancer awareness and prevention, volunteering at different outreach events to uplift our community, and fundraising money we are actively bonding together to: share hope, knowledge, and charity in the fight against cancer.

I ride for the millions who want to speak up but can’t. I ride for my team in which we are partaking in this journey together. I ride for the people who have been affected by cancer, for the people who don’t know anyone who has cancer, and for the people’s journeys I have yet to hear. I ride for the healthcare staff that work day in and day out to help find a cure. I ride for you. I ride for my friends and family who continuously push me to achieve my dreams, no matter what obstacles come my way. And lastly, I ride for my parents who are my biggest support system and inspire me every day to become the best version of myself.

If cancer has impacted you in any way at all, or you are compelled to share your story with me, I will gladly hear it and ride for you. Please reach out to me at

To Alaska and back,