• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2023
  • Hometown: Coppell, TX

About: Hi! I'm Nikki Dubey. I'm a Senior from Coppell, Texas, and I'm studying Government and Business and Public Policy. Welcome to my rider profile! Here's some more about me:

1. My favorite color is green and I really only wear clothes that are either blue or green
2. I speak four languages! (English, Hindi, Spanish, Russian) (some better than others)
3. Last year I was Kappa Delta Sorority's Vice President of Member Education (pledge trainer)
4. I love cooking and baking
5. Growing up I was in band, so I can play piano, oboe, and mellophone
6. I have lived in Texas my entire life and I love it here

Why I Ride

Inspiring hope in the lives of others and spreading knowledge about cancer is important to me because of the impacts I’ve seen and understood in the lives of everybody I know.

My big in my sorority, Alisha, lost her father far too soon in February of 2021 to pancreatic cancer. My aunt Anju is a survivor of ovarian cancer, and some of my strongest childhood memories of her are from when she was sick and I was unable to be with her because she lived in India. One of my closest friends was diagnosed with cervical cancer and I can't comprehend how she has the strength to battle cancer and enjoy life as a college student at the same time. Two of my mom’s best friends have beat breast cancer due to their perseverance and the hard work of incredible doctors. My dad's beloved brother, my Pappu Tauji, passed away from cancer and his loss has left a hole in our close knit and passionate family. I also ride for my friends and family, in the US and in India, who continue to show me incredible resilience, sacrifice, and kindness. Through Texas 4000 I want to push myself to become a more giving and strong person because not a single mile of my ride will require more courage than the courage of those who battle cancer and loss everyday.

The people in my life and others lives who have been affected by cancer are dearly beloved, and their diagnoses have changed many lives. Cancer is widely harmful, and for a long time, I didn’t know where my place was in the fight to end it. Since I won’t be practicing in the medical field, I know I will do whatever I can to channel my passions into ending cancer and supporting the people who it hurts in so many ways.

Texas 4000 is an incredible journey in which I will get to learn about the very people we ride to support, and I will have the privilege to share their stories in strengthening the universal fight against cancer.

For anybody who has felt alone, lost, or afraid in the fight against cancer, I ride for you. Please feel welcome to share your stories of cancer so that I can dedicate my efforts to you and your loved ones.

To Alaska and back,