• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2023
  • Hometown: Frisco, TX

About: Hello, my name is Shreya and I want to thank you for taking interest in my profile and learning more about me!
If I had to choose three words to describe myself it would be passionate, reliable, and adventurous (you probably already guessed this one). I love to try new things whether it be new recipes, sports, or picking up new skills (axe-throwing is my favorite so far). Alongside my journey as a rider afor T4K (Texas 4000), I am a part of the non-profit Little Cause-Players. Little Cause-Players is an organization dedicated to bringing joy to pediatric patients at hospitals by bringing their favorite characters to life. I also serve as a volunteer at St. Davids Medical Center and have interned at BrainMind and NeurotechX to explore the intersection between science and technology! I also work at a research lab that studies diabetes in underprivileged communities and also serve as an ambassador of student conduct at UT! The fight against Cancer is extremely important to me and if you would like to share your story concerning cancer, it would be an honor to dedicate my ride to you or/and a loved one. Please email me at, and even if you don't have a story regarding cancer please feel free to reach out about another condition/illness or just to get to know each other!

Why I Ride

In elementary school, I learned of the cruelty behind cancer when it took away my second-grade teacher, someone I looked up to as my role model and personal superhero. In high school, I learned from my biology teacher that cancer touches everyone, whether it be through a friend, relative, neighbor, or even you directly. I remembered the feeling of my heart dropping to the pit of my stomach when he said that it was inevitable for someone I know and love to have cancer if it hasn't already happened since cancer is too widespread. It was a grave way to put it, but he wasn't wrong. According to Medical News Today, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer within their lifetime in the US alone. Please support our cause in fighting this disease so that we can reduce the power of cancer and hopefully cultivate a future where we don't have to look over our shoulders, constantly wondering who cancer will take next. The main reason I joined T4K is because it allows for people of all backgrounds to come together and unite under one purpose, an especially valuable one: bringing hope and help to humanity. On a lighter note, I have met many cancer survivors who collectively serve as an inspiration to me and have taught me some of the most important lessons in my life when I was working at the hospital as a CNA in high school, and even now in college as a volunteer at St.David's. I dedicate this ride to my second-grade teacher, those I have met throughout my life and courageously shared their stories with me, and for those my fellow 2022 and 2023 team members ride for. Although this will be a hard battle to fight, it is not impossible and with your help, we can work towards making cancer conquerable for everyone. This may seem like a dream, but together we can make this a reality!