• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2023
  • Hometown: Frisco, TX

About: Hiii :D ! My name is Felicity and I am a senior at UT Austin studying Marketing and Plan II with a certificate in Human Rights & Social Justice. Alongside training for Texas 4000, I am also writing my senior thesis and learning to skateboard.

I am passionate about painting, fashion, Oreo Cakesters, reproductive healthcare, cheese enchiladas, reading, roller coasters, romanticizing life at coffee shops, and I'm always open for a game of Word Hunt! At UT, I am also involved in Texas Lassos, the Social Entrepreneurship Learning Lab, and Beevo Beekeeping Society.

I will be biking more than 4,000 miles over 70 days to Alaska next summer to share knowledge about cancer prevention, inspire hope to communities along my route, and raise $4,500 for cancer research— about $1 for every mile I ride.

Why I Ride

I ride for:
My maternal grandfather
I-Kuai Hung
Jenny Hung
Blake Oxley
Taylor Pferdner
Debra Shay
Max Davis
Tülay Özgören
Grandpa Emory
Esther's dad
Georgia's dad
Coach Mike's father
Priscilla Chiu, Lisa's mom
Deborah Rosado
Michael from panhandling

I have known about Texas 4000 since I was a freshman, but I never thought I would be part of something as ambitious and challenging as a cross-country bike ride. One day I thought to myself— why not?

To me, Texas 4000 is about selfless perseverance. I ride so those bravely fighting cancer know that someone cares a whole lot, and I ride to honor those who lost their lives, including my grandfather who passed away in 2017. With each step of the pedal, I mirror their strength and unbreakable courage.

Last year, I worked with Locket, a startup helping minors access birth control. Through this role, I learned the power of health education. I want to continue my passion for helping individuals make informed decisions about their health in Texas 4000.

Lastly, I have always been an optimistic person (that Moon in Sagittarius) and I want to spread my optimism to the communities I ride through, whether by making grants or spending time with the people we meet. If you would like to donate, your money will be going to amazing organizations such as Brent's Place and MD Anderson.

Thank you for your time!

2 Alaska and back,
Feli :)