About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Schertz, TX
  • School Year: Junior
  • Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders - Speech/Language Pathology
  • Email: DCoburn4@gmail.com

About: Hello!
My name is Devyn and I am a third year speech/language pathology major at the University of Texas at Austin. At UT I am in a women's organization called Texas Royals and am currently doing research with preschoolers who stutter at the Lang Stuttering Institute at UT.

Aside from what I do at UT I enjoy hiking, playing frisbee, running, music, having picnics, kayaking, pictures, impulsively picking up new hobbies, and really just anything that involves being outside.

Why I Ride

As soon as I heard about Texas 4000 during my freshman year, it immediately caught my attention. I wanted to apply, but I didn’t feel qualified. I believed there was no way I was physically fit enough to bike the entire way to Alaska. The idea of this program absolutely terrifies me, and the looks on peoples faces when I tell them what I plan on doing during the summer of 2021 definitely does not ease any of my concerns. But that is exactly why I ride. I ride to show my love and support for people who are affected by cancer and have no other choice but to fight, despite the fact that it may also terrify them. I ride for the people who are not able to. Although my bike ride will not compare to what people affected by cancer endure, I ride to support them the best that I can.

I personally don’t know the feeling of having a loved one diagnosed with cancer, but I believe that although something doesn’t directly affect you, doesn’t mean you should be desensitized to the issue. I ride because I am passionate about hearing other people's stories, and I am even more passionate about fighting for others to feel heard, loved, and supported. I do not want to take my health and physical capabilities for granted. I ride to be a part of something bigger than myself and be supportive for the people I meet along the way.

I ride for you! If you have anyone specific you would like me to ride for please don’t hesitate to email me at dcoburn4@gmail.com.
To Alaska and Back,

A growing list of people I have the privilege to ride for through stories and people I have met:
Raquel Cheatle
Hunter Lopez’s dad
Jane Coburn's sister
Lynne King
Lindy Gutzman
Jenny La Grange
Rodney Augular
Ryan Tyler Sullivan
Mr. Stacey’s Dad
Basilio Morales
Chase Billings grandparents
Dian Altman
Sylvia Reyna
Eric Reyna
Jennifer Gaitan