About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Palacios, TX

About: Thank you for visiting my page! I really appreciate you supporting my journey and Texas 4000's mission of charity.

My name is Bailey Grones, and I graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Applied Movement Science in December 2021. In conjunction with being an avid Harry Potter fan and cooking enthusiast, I spend my time studying and doing Texas 4000 related things. In my prospective future career as a Physician, I hope to work with underserved communities to provide equitable healthcare across the state of Texas. However, it is through impactful organizations such as Texas 4000 that I am able to aid the medical field presently.

In June of 2022, I along with the rest of my team will embark on a 4,500-mile cycling journey across North America in hopes of inspiring communities throughout the country to join us in the fight against cancer. We will ride our bikes from the University of Texas at Austin to Anchorage, Alaska. This ride is the longest annual charity bike ride in the world—more than twice the distance of the Tour de France—and will take 70 days to complete. Our goal is to inspire hope in the lives of those personally affected by cancer and action in the lives of others to help prevent the disease by sharing our stories and enthusiasm. The time the riders spend biking from Austin to Alaska in the capstone event is just a more tangible way to showcase that Texas 4000 is about dedication to others and spreading the message of charity.

As the Ride Director over the Rockies Route, I am essentially the middle man between staff of Texas 4000 and the riders! I have the opportunity to advocate for the health and safety of myself and the individuals on my route, as well as enforcing Texas 4000 policies. In this role I focus on ensuring that the experience of Texas 4000 is equitable and inclusive to all the riders.

When the routes were first broken down and explained to us as riders, I immediately knew that Rockies was the best fit for me. The Rockies route is unique in that it passes through the most rural areas compared to the other two routes. I found this aspect particularly appealing because I grew up in a rural area of South Texas, where I witnessed first hand how a rural setting can cause a lack of access to adequate medical care. I am very excited to be able to engage with rural communities in the fight against cancer on our journey to Anchorage, Alaska!

I look forward to using this pivotal journey of a lifetime to honor my Grandmother and Grandfather, who have largely influenced myself and those around them. My bike ride to Alaska will be marked with patience, strength, and dedication to helping others. Join me in giving back to a great cause!

Why I Ride

Ride dedications are an integral part of Texas 4000 that consist of reflecting on a certain individual who was touched by grief and hardship. When contemplating who to dedicate my own ride to, my Grandmother (Maureen Grones) was immediately brought to mind. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 50’s and has always embodied a spirit of strength and resiliency that is unmatched. Thankfully, she is a survivor and has lived to tell me her story. She once told me that her main driving force in being strong through her struggle with cancer was her desire to watch her grandchildren grow up and have a relationship with them. In a way, she dedicated her health improvement to me. I hope that I may have the chance to dedicate my own journey to her.

Another individual I am dedicating my ride to is my Grandfather, Anthony Grones. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 in November and passed away soon after. He was a genuine supporter of all his family and friends, offering a helping hand at every chance. Popo’s key values are well represented by Texas 4000; values of kindness to others and of supporting those who need it. In the past, my Father had repeatedly mentioned to me that he hoped to go fishing with my Grandfather in Alaska one day. I reflect on this paradox often, and like to believe that the spirit of Popo will follow me on my journey to Alaska. An amazing friend, patient father, and loving grandfather, Popo’s legacy of love and family lives on forever. I hope to honor his life of kindness and strength by dedicating my ride in his memory.

The impact I wish to have during my time in Texas 4000 is one of positivity and giving. I hope to be someone who is a voice of encouragement, an uplifting presence in each of my co-riders lives. In addition to my impact on the team, I look forward to being a small part of the money raised for cancer research. I hope that the donations we accrue can lead to lasting positive effects for those it reaches. The legacy of Texas 4000 is one of charity, and I look forward to being a part of it.

Who can I ride for in your life? Please feel free to reach out to me via my email.

I’m riding for:
Maureen Grones
Anthony Grones
Erik Serena
William "Bill" Marner
Robert Martin
Marshall Hill
Brian Behrens
Alton Sevcik
Alisha Rawal
Marcus Jones
Dana Marley
Linda Trejo