• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2022
  • Hometown: Kilgore, TX
  • School Year: Senior
  • Major: BSA Biochemistry and BA Health & Society

About: Hi, welcome to my profile, and thank you for visiting and supporting Texas 4000!

My name is Jack and I was born in a small town in East Texas called Kilgore and I grew up in a single-parent household with my mother and sister. Currently, I am studying biochemistry and health & society to hopefully pursue a career in either medicine or healthcare administration and law.

Some of my favorite hobbies and pastimes include cooking, traveling, keeping up with politics, and drinking TONS of tea.

Why I Ride

Joining Texas 4k and biking to Alaska is truly one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that seem impossible to the average person. When I first came to college and learned about this organization, I was precisely one of those who thought such a feat was nigh impossible or unobtainable. However, due to recent events in my life, I have felt that I want to do something meaningful for the cancer-fighting community and for a particular individual who recently died of a type of blood cancer in my life, even if the mission seems insurmountable. Cancer truly has impacted the lives of so many around the world, including myself and my family. This year, on 06/14/2020, my grandmother died of acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of seventy-three. If there’s anyone on this planet I would ride for to Alaska, it would be for her.

For me, joining Texas 4000 would mean much more than merely riding a bike to Alaska, raising money to develop cancer treatments, or developing leadership skills. Just like the three primary principles of Texas 4k, I want to ride for CHARITY so that humans have the resources necessary to accelerate this fight against cancer. I want to ride for knowledge to spread awareness and better combat cancer in the future. Finally, I want to ride for hope to inspire the communities around the country to join in the fight against cancer. On a more personal note, I want to join Texas 4k because I want to show my grandmother how much I loved her, not just as a family member but as my role model since childhood. I know that when she looks down from the heavens, she would not only want me to ride to Alaska for her but for all those who suffer and have suffered from cancer’s toll.

To Alaska & Back,

Jack Cheng