• Route: Smoky-mountains
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Longview, Tx

About: Greetings!
I am a Sophomore studying Biochemistry and Spanish for the Medical Professions within the Health Science Scholars program here at UT. Cancer has always been an influential force within my life and that of my family, leading me to my goal profession of becoming either a medical or radiation oncologist. I’m excited for the experiences to come within this amazing organization and if you ever need to contact me, hit up my email or message me at 903-452-3014.

¡Chao pescao!

Why I Ride

I ride for my maternal grandmother, who I never had the chance to meet; who died when my mother and aunt were only teens. She was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27 and after a period of remission, was later diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 39 that became terminal. While writing this, I think back to the time I had friends visit my grandfather’s house who commented on her beauty in photographs and my grandfather’s response of, “She was beautiful on the inside and out.” While I never had the opportunity to witness this beauty myself, there's sentiment in that her beauty lives on in my family.

I ride for my maternal grandfather, who lost the love of his life forever to cancer.

I ride for my mother, who, along with my aunt, inherited immense beauty from my grandmother, but also a genetic tenebrositas. In 2007, genetic testing for BRCA mutations opened to the public. With the history of a mother who had breast and ovarian cancers at such a young age, my mother and aunt were prime candidates. Shortly after giving birth to my sister, my mother underwent such genetic testing to reveal a BRCA 2 mutation. To mitigate the increased chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer, my mom decided to have a hysterectomy performed. My aunt later went through the same testing to reveal she also had a BRCA 2 mutation, leading her to also have a hysterectomy performed, followed by a bilateral mastectomy.

I ride for my paternal grandmother, a Cubana badass who underwent successful breast cancer treatments after being diagnosed; now a member of the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys because of her experience.

I ride for my paternal grandfather, who had thyroid cancer and went through successful treatment.

I ride for all who suffer, will suffer, have suffered, or are loved ones of those who suffered from the horrendous effects of cancer.

Joining Texas 4000 means much more to me than simply riding a bike to Alaska, or developing leadership and the skills to stride through any obstacle, or raising money for the development of cancer research. I joined Texas 4000 to prove something to myself, something that is hard to describe, but I feel is linked to being successful in something that truly matters and makes a difference in the world. Being successful in something that took more than a couple of days to complete; something that requires dedication and immense time commitment in order to be successful.

Con todo mi corazón,