• Route: Smoky-mountains
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Houston, TX

About: Hi! My name is Adrian Landstrom. I'm a senior at UT, majoring in Public Health with certificates in Social Inequality, Health, and Policy and Spanish for Healthcare Professionals, which all play into my passion for reducing health and educational disparities, especially for at-risk children. When I graduate, I hope to go to PA (physicians assistant) school and someday work to provide more accessible pediatric health care!

Outside of school and Texas 4000, I'm involved with Camp Texas, SCORE, and am a UGTA for Biostatistics. My favorite things in the world include finding the best desserts in Austin, nights in with my friends, trying (but not always succeeding) to be outdoorsy, and bullet journaling!

I'm so excited for this opportunity and to challenge myself mentally and physically (especially as someone who is not athletic at all!) while riding for a cause close to my heart!

Why I Ride

I ride because Texas 4000 absolutely terrifies me - because I don’t know how I would ever raise this much money, because I don’t even know how to ride a bike. But, more than any of this, I don’t know how I could watch a loved one or anyone be diagnosed with cancer and not have done everything I could to support them, to stand with them, and to contribute to the research that could save their life. As college students, we don’t have the money or the expertise to add to the fight against cancer, but T4K is our ultimate opportunity to contribute our time and passion; it’s an organization of incredibly enthusiastic, compassionate, world-changing students dedicating everything they have to the fight against cancer and that’s something I want to be a part of. I want to stand with those and the loved ones of those fighting cancer, or other chronic illness, showing them most of all that I hear their struggles and that I am there with and for them every step of the way.

More specifically, I ride for 3 main people in my life:
1. My Grandma Dee, an absolute ray of sunshine and one of the strongest women I could've known, who I sadly never got to have much of a relationship with as she passed away from cancer when I was about 4 years old.
2. My Grandpa Jim, your classic stubborn old man but with the biggest heart for his family, who I was lucky enough to be with as he passed away from cancer when I was 16, but that might've been prevented if he had been diagnosed earlier.
3. My Mom, a strong, caring woman that has done so much for me throughout my life, who, while not being diagnosed with cancer, suffers from multiple chronic diseases that affect her life on a daily basis. She has taught me deeply and personally about hope (the pillar I most identify with in Texas 4000) and how much it can mean to stand with and for those with cancer or other illnesses.

This is only the beginning of my list and I hope to add to it as I continue this journey so I welcome all of you to email me ( with stories of how I can ride for you or your loved ones :)