• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Houston, TX

About: Bonjour! I am a Human Development and Family Science major here at UT Austin and a minor in French.

I was born in Houston, TX, and have spent my entire life there. A few of my passions are culinary arts, learning and listening to all languages, and helping people. Outside of college, I love to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature, play video games with friends and watch lots of movies.

Cooking is my biggest passion and I could spend hours talking about different foods and ingredients and watching cooking videos and movies. I like to consider myself adventurous and open to eating new and different ingredients. A second passion of mine is language. I think language is one of the world’s most fascinating things. There are so many different languages in our world; some related to others and some are completely unique with no ties to any other language. I love learning languages or even just sitting down and listening to a new one. I enjoy playing video games with my friends and watching movies. I also adore to go outside and experience the real beauty of the Earth and all of its nature and animals. I think we need to take better care of our planet and realize that it isn’t truly ours; we just so happen to inhabit it and should have more compassion for its beauty.

Why I Ride

The word "cancer" brings immediate terror into anyone's life. Regardless of age, race, or gender; everyone can be affected by this single word and their entire lives could change in a second. Sometimes we forget that we are all humans and instead of fighting unnecessary wars with each other, it is crucial that we start working together to improve our way of living. I am a part of Texas 4000 because I believe that this organization represents causes that I believe in and will make a difference in the battle against cancer. Biking to Alaska will prove to be extraneous, but I am committed to ride for every person who has had their lives changed upside-down at the snap of a finger by cancer. I am fortunate enough to say that my immediate family has not been affected by cancer, but many people in the world do not have the same privilege.
My brother was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. When the doctor came back with the results telling us he had diabetes, he told us that if we were one day too late, he might've passed away. That day was the hardest day I had to endure. I could not imagine what it would've been like if my little brother had passed away just like that. Fortunately, with medication and a healthy diet, my brother has recovered and is living his life normally. Unlike my brother, those who have been diagnosed with cancer cannot say the same. Due to negative side effects and a lack of adequate medication and treatment, some people decide not to go through any treatment in fear of not being able to live their life fully. When people first get their results back and they hear the word "cancer", for many of them that word will stay in the back of their head forever. Even those who win their battle against cancer fear that it will return. I will ride not only for those who have successfully beaten cancer but also for those who were not as fortunate in their battle against it.
Through engagement with various communities, I want to instill in others that the fight against cancer is not a hopeless one. I ride so know that they are not alone in their battle. I ride to be able to inspire children, parents, and their neighbors that the word "cancer" does not mean it is the end. I want to show them that I am willing to fight alongside them through this race. We live in a world where scientific findings and information are written for scholars and are not easily accessible to the public. Only a very small percentage of the population can access and understand this information. This is a crucial problem that needs to be resolved. I ride to spread awareness and knowledge to those who need it the most.