• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Sugar Land, TX

About: My name is Shroothi Ramesh and I am a third year in Mechanical Engineering hailing from Sugar Land, TX. Some of my passions include sustainability, art, music, and cooking. If you have any recipe or music recommendations, feel free to share!

I am previous the VP of Corporate Relations for the UT Austin chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World and am designing a more sustainable world around us as an engineer. I am a member of a President's Award team studying ways to incorporate sustainability into products and design in the textiles and apparel industry.

Why I Ride

I started my engineering degree as a general plan with no real direction until recently. I’ve thus spent the past year contemplating purpose in life and career. My most fulfilling classes haven’t been the technical ones but the classes in which I could connect with people. I’ve come to understand success and fulfillment comes from the people surrounding you. You find life in the people around you and the bonds you form with them. With family. With friends. With mentors and peers.
I'm in a place where, right now, the best way for me to give back to the community around me is to find causes to dedicate myself to. I'm well aware that as an individual, I can't tackle all the world's problems, but as communities, we have the power to take action and change circumstances. I found this truth in my involvement in Engineers for a Sustainable World. With a group of people who believed in what I believe in. Who understood the importance of working on large problems with clear visions and tangible solutions.

T4K, in my current environment, is this type of community. A community that decides to simply do good and make a difference.
T4K upholds the pillars of hope, charity, and knowledge. Three things that are taken for granted in a world that can be as cynical and depressing as ours.
Having the hard conversation and learning people’s stories makes us value what we have when we have it.
There is purpose and hope in wellness, in good health and good mind. There is a purpose in doing good, being good, and just choosing to try and make a difference anywhere.
So I'm choosing to dedicate myself to a community that I think can make a difference. That needs support and love from anyone who has the time to give it.