• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Melissa, TX

Why I Ride

“God doesn’t spell out everything for us in life, but He does tell us how we can write our lives better; and trusting Him implicitly is always the right place to start.”
Bob Goff

Life is one big story comprised of many smaller stories. Texas 4000 is one of those truly great stories. It brings hope, knowledge, and charity to even the darkest situations.
I ride for many reasons. The first having largely to do with how I spent my summer in 2018. I shadowed surgeons in a hospital world renowned for its oncology program. I have always had a passion for medicine but never knew where exactly I wanted that to take me. Being surrounded by cancer patients for a summer, my heart broke over and over and the hatred I have for this disease grew. Hopefully I will be able to join this fight as a physician someday. That day cannot come soon enough, so I choose to start fighting now.
Secondly, I ride for my grandpa and the story he told with his life before it was cut short by lung cancer. I was only 8 when he lost his battle and remember him through the eyes of a child. He is the one who took us out on the lake to tube for hours, taught me how to fish, and made the world’s greatest fried catfish. When I think of my Papa’s life, I don’t see the cancer that took it away from him. I was too young to comprehend the full weight of the disease. That is not the case for my mom. It is easy to forget the burden cancer has on the loved ones of those affected by it. Just as much as I ride for Papa, I ride for my mom and for everyone who has lost a parent, child, sibling, grandparent, or any loved one to this unforgiving disease.
Lastly, I ride to listen, share, and proudly carry with me the stories of all those who have been affected by cancer. Please reach out if there is anyone in your life that I can dedicate my ride to. I would be honored to bring their stories to Alaska with me.
As I embark on this great story, I invite you to take part in it and encourage you to write an even better story for yourself.