• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2021
  • Hometown: Spring, TX

About: Hi there! I’m Javier, and I’m a senior at UT Austin studying Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy. At UT, I’ve had the opportunities to teach freshman students as a Pod-Mentor as well as work as a ticketing assistant for Texas Performing Arts. I also spend my time organizing events with the Hispanic Association of Computer Scientists (HACS) and serving the East Austin community with Texas Blazers. I just finished a study-abroad semester at the University of Edinburgh, and am currently finishing up classes and biking relentlessly in Austin!

Outside of school, I love learning different instruments, rock-climbing, listening to Broadway, playing board games and bothering my friends to do those activities with me!

Once I leave UT, I’ll be moving to Seattle to start the next chapter of my life working in tech!

I'm also the 2021 Rockies Ride Director, and I'm ecstatic to be leading this team of passionate riders on our way to Alaska!

Why I Ride

I ride for my friend Matt Hogan and the many people who, like him, could never anticipate the storm that cancer inflicts on people’s lives.

Matt and I played drums together in high school, where I got to know him as a musician, athlete, and clown-in-arms. As possibly the kindest, most charismatic human I’ve ever met, his ambitions to join DCI as a musician (the equivalent to “going pro” in marching band) were cut short from what was a slight back pain one day, to sitting out at practice, to routine hospital stays soon after. Once Matt left school, I only witnessed a sliver of the toll neuroblastoma took on Matt, his friendships, his family, and the community that had grown so dark without his bright presence. But the action and kindness our community took to support him meant Matt didn’t have to fight alone, and that’s proved to me how truly strong people can be when they unite their energy and resources in the fight against cancer.

Matt’s journey has motivated me to stand beside the communities who persevere when all seems lost. Through Texas 4000, I’m aiming to raise awareness and funding toward cancer research, spread knowledge about cancer prevention and support services, and give hope to all people who have been impacted by cancer.

Matt is in full remission and recently graduated Texas A&M (he’s also recently married!!!) and I’m beyond thrilled to share the journey I’ll be taking in his name. Support for this process is more than monetary-- if there’s anyone in your life you’d like me to ride for, I would consider it an honor to share their story along the ride.

To Alaska and back

Javi Romero