• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2020
  • Hometown: Plano, TX

Why I Ride

I ride for my grandmother, or as I endearingly called her, Dadi.

My grandmother was my second mother. She was there when I woke up in the morning, waited at the bus stop to walk me home from school, and slept next to me every night to keep away any nightmares. She watched over my brother and me every day while our parents were at work, preparing our meals and playing card games with us. For the first ten years of my life, I was blessed by her unconditional love and selfless acts. And, during that time, I never realized she was battling cancer.

My Dadi’s fight against cancer was long and difficult. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, right after my father turned 21. She received treatment, underwent surgery, recovered, and relapsed multiple times from 1985 to 2007. Though I was young, I witnessed the long-lasting effects that cancer has on loved ones, specifically my dad.

Seeing someone I viewed as so strong in such a frail state broke me. Looking back, I am more in awe of how Dadi was so focused on others’ wellbeing, even in the most painful moments of her life. She’s the reason I chose to get a degree in Public Health and the reason I ride for Texas 4000.

Cancer sucks. The fight is hard, but support from communities like Texas 4000 remind me that I have the ability to do something about it. People in Texas 4000 have always inspired me to be a better person, much like my grandmother did.

My grandmother gave in every possible way throughout her life. In 2020, I will be riding with Texas 4000 to give back even just a fraction of what my grandmother did for those around her. I am riding to support the fight against cancer, give hope to communities across the nation, and teach others about cancer.

Thank you in advance for your support! Reach out to me if you have someone you would like me to ride for, want to learn more about my story, or are interested in following my journey.