• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2020
  • Hometown: San Antonio, Tx

About: Hey friends, family, and phenomenal people who are reading my page; welcome and thank you for reading! My name is Dominique Jeanpierre, but most of my friends call me “Dom” and I’m a third-year Public Relations major who enjoys singing and drinking hot-tea in her free time.

Why I Ride

Last year in 2018, I lost two family members close to my heart, too soon. My maternal grandfather passed away due to complications post a surgical removal of a cancerous mass on his stomach. Then just a couple months following his passing, my Aunt Rachel lost her 10-year battle to breast cancer. In both cases, I saw the direct impact that this heinous disease had on each sides of my family and the great suffering that it caused. It was difficult to watch my two relatives suffer through a relentless disease but it was almost even more difficult to watch multiple family members undergo a series of mourning after their passing. Although, I believe that they will always be with my family and I, it still hurts knowing how much they suffered and how many other families are going through similar situations. This is why I ride and why I will be working so hard in the fight against cancer.