• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2020
  • Hometown: Plano, TX

About: Hi there! I am a second year Mechanical Engineering student from Plano, Texas. I am absolutely captivated by engineering and its calling for solving problems, small and large. Outside of Texas 4000 and classes, you can find me working in the Longhorn Racing SAE Garage, doing research in the Human Centered Robotics Lab, or playing ultimate frisbee with friends. I hope one day to become an astronaut and journey to space, but for now I'll settle to replace a rocket with a bike and fight cancer on my way to Alaska! :)

Why I Ride

Fulfilling my dreams began a long time ago with my childhood experiences in my family. Today, it continues to grow as I start this journey riding for my high school science teacher and science fair sponsor, who suffers from an advanced form of lung cancer that has spread to other organs. My passion for science began in my childhood with simple robotics, but now I know one day I want to push the boundaries of human capabilities by integrating robots into the lives of those who have suffered great losses through cancer and many other immobilizing diseases. I can only strive for these goals with the support of family, friends, and most importantly, my teachers along the way.

My science teacher's battle with cancer began in 2017 with her diagnosis of Stage IV Leiomyosarcoma right around Thanksgiving. After one round of failed chemo, she had surgery and was free of the tumor in February 2018. Unfortunately, with the reoccurring fight against cancer, the tumor returned in May 2018 along with more failed chemo regimen. After a second major surgery in August, she has been placed in a clinical trial for a new drug. Her battle continues as you read this today.

I owe it to her and each cancer victim, past and present, to ride.

So first and foremost, I ride for CHARITY that funds cutting-edge cancer research to give individuals a fighting chance against this debilitating disease. Second, I ride for HOPE because I love meeting new people and ensuring those affected by cancer that I will ride for a cancer-free world. Lastly, I ride for KNOWLEDGE by advocating for the dissemination of life-saving cancer prevention information to communities along the way from Austin to Alaska.

To Alaska and Back,