• Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2020
  • Hometown: Dallas, TX

About: Howdy hey! My name is Grayson Ewing and I like reading, the color yellow, and biking to Alaska in my free time.

Why I Ride

It may seem unnecessary to some to bike 4,000 miles to Alaska to raise awareness for cancer. Sure, while riding a bike is not going to magically solve cancer, I strongly believe it can impose a lasting message and signifies something really beautiful. Riding (over, I might add) 4,000 miles echoes that all cancer patients and survivors are not alone. Someone is listening and fighting for them. The physical and mental toll of biking to Alaska cannot compare to what millions of people diagnosed with cancer feel daily, nor does it take away their suffering. It does, however, reverberate that they are important to someone. Because of this, I ride for a voice. I ride for those diagnosed with cancer who feel alone and unheard, in the hopes that their voices gain awareness and move others to donate their time and money for a cause that affects so many.

I ride for those who have watched their loved ones go through treatment and come out on the other side. I ride for those who have watched their loved ones fight cancer with everything they have, and unfortunately still pass. The mental, emotional, and physical toll affects the families of cancer patients long after they have passed, and echoes into every part of their lives. I ride for their resiliency and hope that one day we will find a cure.

I am honored to be a part of the Texas 4000 2020 team; I cannot think of a cause more deserving of my time and energy. That is not to say that my time and energy should be held with more weight than others, rather it emphasizes how important I believe the Texas 4000 message to be. While so many people and families are affected by cancer, sometimes it can seem like very few people are actively trying to make a difference. Education is an extremely important aspect of gaining support. It is not simply that people do not care, but that people do not know the gravity of the situation. This is why the outreach and education Texas 4000 teams do in preparation for their ride stood out to me when I was applying to be a part of this organization. If I can connect with even a few people within the Austin community, and compel them to dedicate a small amount of time and/or financial support to fight for a cure, the 4000-mile bike ride will have been well worth it.