About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: El Paso, Tx

About: Hey everyone! My name is Enzo and I’m a fourth-year student in the Business Honors Program majoring in Finance. I was born and raised in the border town of El Paso, Texas where I learned to love good company, Mexican food, Longhorn football and the value of a loving family. During my free time I enjoy snowboarding, travelling, backpacking and other adrenaline-packed activities. Last semester I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong and travel all over Asia. Now it’s time to accomplish another bucket list item: to fight cancer by biking 4,500 miles to Alaska…

Why I Ride

I ride for my mom, Lilia, and my grandmother, Nani. Both had breast cancer more than once, and during 2013 they were fighting it together.

My mom’s first bout with cancer was in late 2009 and was fortunately caught early enough to be removed via a bilateral mastectomy. My mom was initially informed of her diagnosis by my uncle (also her pathologist) and my aunt, when they took her out to her second favorite place in the world: Baskin Robbins. Over laughs and ice cream, they broke the news that my mom developed breast cancer. When her cancer metastasized to her lymph nodes in 2012, they did the same. At roughly the same time, Nani’s breast cancer returned after over 12 years of remission. She had several chemo and radiation therapy sessions on and off since 2009, her last one happening at the same time my mom was having hers in 2013.

It was difficult to see the active and energetic mom I was used to get slowly chipped away by her treatment. At one point she was admitted to the hospital after developing pneumonia because her immune system was spent. Yet even on the hardest days, she still found the strength to exercise, the diligence to work full-time, and the love to carry out her family responsibilities. Similarly, I remember the toll that chemo had on Nani. Always having had a sense of humor, she would jokingly say that even her hair was hurting. At her weakest, she never lost her toothy smile, never failed to brighten the room, and never stopped showing selfless compassion to everybody in her life. In her last days, we will never forget the lessons she taught as a doctor, a wife, and a mother. We lost Nani on November 22, 2013.

No one ever expects those they care about to deal with adversity - it’s human nature to feel impervious to misfortune. So, when something happens to two of the most important people in your life, your world is shattered. It was a situation I hardly understood. But although I was distraught, afraid, and angry, I was also confused by how my family reacted. They remained jubilant and playful, analogous to the Baskin Robbins affair. In the midst of pain and suffering, there was always affectionate teasing and positive encouragement. My family’s resolve to make life normal eased the pain my mom and Nani felt. And they eased my fear.

We are constantly tested through life and how we address our calamities defines who we are. I ride for the hope that everyone facing cancer directly or indirectly are blessed with a loving family and friends that help them ease their hardship. I ride for them so that they always find something positive and inspiring in the midst of their most testing experiences.

I dedicate my ride to all the warriors.

Lilia Abbud
Nani Abbud
Dr. Linda Angell
Lisa Marie Razo
Judy Blumenfeld
Ron Blumenfeld
Judy Harding
Providence Children's Hospital
Margarita Davis
Kimberli Ruiz
Irma Lopez
Loisann Silver Chacon
Ronnie Lee Silver
Roger Winter
Patricia Harris
Sophie Rosenberg
Leslie Rosenberg
Wendy Danzoy
Deborah Kiel
Charles Anderson
Grandpa Miller
Malcolm Bucknall
Sarah Sanders
Josh Anderson
Amy Kirkland
Paula Kozan
Tricia Cook
Adam Pierce
Mary Ellen
Juan and his son Juan
Lisa Davis
Alec Hudson
Morgan Swan
Mr. Hudson
Wade Gilham
Charlene Smith
Romeo the dog
Robbie Davis
Riley Furlow
Cubby the cat
Arnold Schoenberger
Arlene Schoenberger
Pepper the Dog
Dawn Goo
Sylvia Mirda
Helen Wolkow
Cynthia Christangel
Kevin Tebow
George Igo
Ty and Axel the Dogs
Sharon Turnball
Bob Smith
Aunt Toni
Kevin James
Lou Mar
Mark Moreno
Ryan Kushner
Donna Suka
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