• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Tracy, CA
  • School Year: Senior
  • Major: Neuroscience and Biochemistry with a minor in Psychology
  • Email:

Why I Ride

I ride for my mom and my Nana. Both women are two time cancer survivors. My mom had hodgskin's lymphoma at age 10 and breast cancer in her early 40s. My Nana had uterine cancer at age 22 and breast cancer later on in life. I ride for both of them because despite obstacles they have faced including cancer twice, they both exemplify strength, selflessness, hard work, and beauty inside and out. I ride for my mom and my nana because they are and have always been both the role models I strive to emulate everyday and also the women who inspire me to better myself, others, and the world.