• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

About: Hi amazing friends! I'm Christina Mihova and I am from Fort Worth, Tx - please please don't get it mixed up with Dallas. I am a senior, Exercise Science major, at UT. I chose my major because it is one of my passions. I absolutely love fitness but more so I love the science behind it. I hope to use knowledge and skills to further research on our bodies. After the ride, I plan on pursuing a Master's in Kinesiology. Another big passion of mine is the outdoors, any time I can I opt-outside. If I'm not hiking around the Greenbelt, I'll probably be napping in my hammock!

Why I Ride

In our Texas 4000 meetings we always begin with Ride Dedications. Ride Dedications are a way to remember those who have been affected by cancer, who we ride for and sharing their stories with others so that they ride with us in this fight. I have been very fortunate not to have immediate family members affected by cancer, but that is not true for those around me. I have been greatly affected by the struggles of my friend Kennedy’s family with cancer. To her, this organization means the world. I am humbled to represent her and her family. I also ride to promote awareness about second hand smoking and non-smoking lung cancer with asthma.

I ride to represent so many people physically fighting cancer, and all of those who are there for their loved ones but do not have the ability to bike.

I began with no one to mention for ride dedications, but in reality, I have many. I ride for my growing list of incredible human beings:
Norman Heunermund Jr.
Beal Family
Kathy Davis Wells
Carrie Adams
Caitlin Shick
Reidy Family
Nina Popova
Marc Roe
Gussie and Pop-Pop
Yedatore Family
Mary Jo Priem
Pat Gassmann