About Me


  • Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Pearland, Texas

About: Hello! My name is Caroline, and I am a 3rd year student at The University of Texas at Austin pursuing a degree in Radio-TV-Film, a minor in Business and a certificate in Environment & Sustainability. After graduating, I hope to work in the film industry as an educator and storyteller of important issues, people and events shaping history as we know it. My goal is to be a traveling documentary filmmaker, and an active explorer well into my old age. I find a unique beauty in film-- it's a great medium for learning and you can make a film about anything and everything! When I'm not studying, I like to be outside, exploring Austin, playing sports, listening to music, and trying new foods!

Why I Ride

I ride in honor of my Aunt Grace who passed away from Colon cancer. She brightened up a room with her smile, sweet nature and positivity. She continues to be one of the many influential women in my family that I learn from and admire deeply. I hope to appreciate each day I have with the people in my life now and foster a community of compassion like my Aunt Grace embodied so often. I ride to keep her spirit alive and to inspire hope in the lives of those who have felt or are currently going through the devastating effects of cancer. My bike ride to Alaska will be one of the hardest things I'll ever have to do in my life, but my struggle will be nothing compared to what friends and families go through when a loved one suffers from cancer. I ride for my Aunt Grace, my supporters, and the following ever-growing list of people who have been affected in some sort of way.

Aunt Grace
Melody St John
Granny & Grandpa
Paupau & Gunggung
Lisa Delacruz and her mom
Victoria and Davey Newton
Maggie Cheung
Rick Hartmann, Gabi Hadid's Grandfather
Karla Vedan's Grandfather
Estelle Byrnes, Alex Byrnes' Grandmother
Fayette, Keith's friend
Justus' dad
Jared's sister-in-law passed from brain cancer
Oralia Garza, Vanessa'a grandmother
Kat Schott's grandmother and her dear friend Pam

All of the kind people who donated to me when I panhandled & dedicating rides to people in their lives:
Sarah, Mark Frazier, David Nance, Scout, Cody & the Texas Oncology department, Jim, Mary Catherine, Tim, Tom, Oscar, Alicia, Tina, Fritz Masch, Anita Harding, Marabell, Jule, Connor, the homeless man who donated at beecaves/360, Don Smith, Jack Lawrence, Maya, Con, Toby, John Biggar, Kathleen, Elsa, Aaron, Alan Trunnell, UTPD, Aunt Vicky, Tom Hutchinson, Monica, Sam, Fotini, Alex McDuffy, Ellen & Cate, Ray Lynn Bulford, Cathy Williams, Margaret Garza, Kathleen, Betty & Charles Norman, Stacie Leary, firefighters Troy & Lisa & Timothy in Houston, Kathy, Mark, Gracie Peña, Sharon, Tom, Sylvia, Mariala Cook, Chuck Fleming, Debby Dicarlo, Andrew, Pat Sullivan, Levi, Esther, Kai Slockers, Helen White, Nevada from SXSW

Thank you for supporting my ride!