About Me


  • Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2019
  • Hometown: Orland Park, Illinois

About: Hi everybody!!
My name is Clare Crotty and I’m a Senior at the University of Texas working towards an Advertising degree in the TexasMedia program. I dabble in marathon running, make a holiday out of setting my New Years resolutions, and would eat anything with cheese on it.

I came all the way to Texas from the south suburbs of Chicago thanks to the unwavering support from my Mom, Dad, and my two older sisters. They support me in any crazy goal I set- like moving to Texas, trying to run a marathon in every state, and of course, biking to Alaska.

Outside of Texas 4000, I’m an intern for ProjectLEAD and currently serving as the President of Alpha Xi Delta at UT. I’m inspired daily because of the women I get to lead.

I grew up with only sisters, just like both my mom and dad. With an amazing Mom, 2 sisters, 8 Aunts, and a couple hundred Alpha Xi’s in my life, I’m surrounded by strong women who make me believe its possible to change the world.

Why I Ride

I ride for the strongest women I’ve ever gotten the chance to know.

I ride for Ashley Gustafik, a student of my mom and a close friend of our family. She was so kind and could light up any room she walked into. Ashley lost her long battle with Leukemia in the winter of 2015 at just 16 years old.

I ride for Aunt Mary-Lee, Aunt Janet, and Mrs. Andrews. 3 mothers and role models who’ve taught me countless lessons throughout my life. I ride for the hope that they share and the many lessons I still have to learn from them.

I ride for Aunt Tricia, my dad's sister who chose to live life fully after her diagnosis and lost her short battle in 2016.

I ride for Mrs. Martinez, one of my best friends moms. She lived in Stage 4 for 5 years and is the biggest example that a positive attitude can push you further than you ever thought possible. She never let cancer stop her from living a full, radiant life.

I ride for the strong woman that cancer took before I got to know her.
My Grandma, Marjorie Jane Duffy Faupel was a fighter in every sense of the word. Marge taught my mom and aunts patience and perseverance - lord knows she was good at that raising 6 girls. Cancer took her from them in the middle of their childhood, but the influence she left now spans generations. Because of her I'm surrounded by strength, I cherish small moments, and I'm biking to Alaska.

I ride for moms, aunts, sisters, daughters.

For families and friends.

For hope, knowledge, and charity.

For those who can’t.

I ride so someday people won’t have to.

For Grandma Judy, Uncle Mike, Mrs. Horstman, Mrs. Sheppard, Mr. Atkinson, David Gish, Tina White, Faith Rose Lautzenheiser, Kelly Nelson, Brooke's cousin Connor Grandpa and Uncle Allen, Andrew Ross, Nick's Oma Iris Moldenhauer, Dana's Opa and Nana, Deborah Kiel, Chelsea's Pawpaw Sager, Tom's Grandpa, Sofie Grace Shields, Mandy Wang's Dad and the doctor who treated him probono, Mary Hynes, Doug Jumper, Sarah Marshall, Peter Rodriguez and Camp Quality, for all of the people we've met panhandling, Deb, Barbie, Adreal, Meg, Arther, Bea, and Jean, Leah Linton, Karen Fluk Waldman, Jackie Fried