• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Austin, TX
  • School Year: Senior
  • Major: International Relations and Global Studies
  • Email:

About: Hello! My name is Grace Scoggin, and I am currently a senior studying International Relations and Global Studies here on the Forty Acres. I was raised in Austin by my incredible parents, Matt and 'Becca Scoggin, where I developed my love for art, music and the great outdoors. When I'm not studying at the Architecture Library, you can find me spending time outside on Town Lake, at Zilker Park, or at a local coffee shop planning my next adventure with friends!

Why I Ride

I ride for my grandmother, Joan Scoggin, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was in elementary school. Fortunately, the doctors were able to detect her cancer early and she did not have to undergo chemotherapy. A few years after her diagnosis, my grandmother was declared cancer free. I ride because I hope that others become equipped with the knowledge to detect cancerous symptoms early, and therefore increase their chances of successful treatment.

I ride in memory of our family friend, Patty Brown, who passed away from lung cancer when I was a toddler. Patty and her husband, Bob, helped my parents buy the home I’ve grown up in and Bob has been like a second grandfather to me.

I ride in memory of my father’s cousin, Harry Williamson Jr., who passed away from throat and lung cancer in 2011. Memories of my “Uncle” Harry’s constant enthusiasm and sense of humor continue to remind me that there is always something to laugh about and to enjoy time with friends and family while we have it.

I ride in memory of our family friend, Ricky Bell, who passed away from lymphoma in 2012. My parents met Ricky during their freshman year at UT in drama class and became lifelong friends. Ricky was one of my parent’s biggest fans during their time as student athletes at UT and never missed one of their competitions.

I ride for my best friend’s father, who is currently battling prostate cancer. I ride in support of her family and hope they have the strength to deal with the tough challenges they are facing.

I ride in memory of our close family friend Richard Hunt, who passed away unexpectedly in August 2017.

I ride for my Great Uncle, Stewart Cooper. Uncle Stewart was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in November 2017 and passed away in March 2018.

I ride for Elinor Reese, who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer this year. Elinor and her husband, Eddie, have supported many of my volunteering efforts over the years (including my Texas 4000 journey!) and have set an example for me of what the word "selfless" truly means.

I ride for my Great Uncle, Bob Miller, who is currently battling prostate cancer.

I ride for Becky Price, Andi Sloan, Sue Doyle, Michelle Weidner-Young, Chad Mundey, Fred Mowrer, Sally Miller, Rosemary Jungman, Brooks Randol, Dan Way, Wes Jones, Floyd Ring,Maxine Johnson, Arden Frichen, Delores Ginochio, Kathleen Smith, Allee Ryan, Kathleen Cameron, Sara Gambin-Belknap, Jean Adams, JoAnne Marie Windle, Reece Scoggin and Dolores Fordham.

I ride for my wonderful teammates and all whom they ride for.