About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Pearland

About: Born and raised in Pearland, TX, I attended Dawson High School and St. John's School and graduated from St. John's in 2014. I'm a pre-MD/ PhD senior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Radiation Physics, Math, and Plan II. I am also the Sierra route’s Travel Chair this year. My plan in my career is to improve imaging techniques for patients to reduce the amount of radiation we put their bodies through. Growing up, I spent 14 years playing soccer but came to college and was converted into a rowing enthusiast. I did collegiate NCAA Rowing with UT's top-ranked program for two years as a coxswain. I also love to volunteer, especially with dogs. I am involved in a few other organizations on campus, including but not limited to: Chi Kappa Phi (Chickadees) Service Society, Texas Bluebonnets Spirit Group, and University Women in Physics. I spend a lot of my time doing physics and having fun with friends. I have two siblings, Tom, a computer scientist, and Cholie, a political science major at Gettysburg College, and I also have two labradoodles. I do my best to learn something every day!

Why I Ride

On July 24th, 2015, my aunt, Therese Martin Hough, died from pancreatic cancer at the age of only 59. She was not able to attend the college graduation of her son in June 2016 nor the marriage of her daughter in November 2016. Having known and loved Aunt Therese, I feel that there is no more deserving person I could ride for. A lawyer, a fighter, a wonderful mother, Aunt Therese needs to be remembered. We need to fight against the sickness that took her.

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