About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

About: Hello! My name’s Cade Stone, and I’m a third year Government and Plan II major. I was born and raised in Austin and after 18 years was not quite ready to say goodbye, deciding instead to extend my stay to the 40 acres. On campus, I divide my time between Texas 4000, the Tejas Club, the Annette Strauss Center, and the Texas Coffee Traders booth next to the Jackson Geoscience Building patio. When not in class, I love exploring campus with friends, playing basketball at Gregory Gymnasium, and practicing proper helmet safety while commuting via bicycle. Off campus, you might find me hiking or hammocking in the Austin greenbelt, relaxing at a coffee shop, playing Settlers of Catan, or trying to convince my friends to throw Frisbee at a local park. My favorite color is dark green, favorite TV show is Scrubs, and favorite milkshake flavor is banana, and I’m willing to debate all of those points.

As a government student and budding bureaucrat, I worked for Speaker Straus in the Texas House of Representatives over the summer of 2017, and have been lucky enough to see behind the scenes of the Texas democratic process. I love talking current affairs with anyone who will tolerate it, and most of all want to find a way to serve the public and foster cooperation, optimism, and change.

I’m absolutely thrilled to ride with my many wiser, funnier teammates, and am honored to be able to advocate Hope, Knowledge, and Charity from Austin to Anchorage.

Why I Ride

If my journey to Texas 4000 has a starting point, it has to be the loss of my grandmother to heart cancer. I wasn’t older than six when she passed, and as I’ve grown and my precious few memories of her have faded with time, I’ve gotten to know her through the marks she’s left on the family she authored. None were out of reach of her kindness and warm, welcoming personality, and those who knew her, even briefly, never forgot her. I’ve met and re-met her in a thousand imprints she’s left on those I love most, and in them I’ve come to know her legacy of optimism, resilience, and joy. As I’ve grown up in the family she exited too early, I’ve learned what she always knew: that kindness, sincerity and the limitless capacity for good that people have when we come together can outlast any disease.

I ride for my family and families like it that have known loss and had to grow around it. I ride for uncles, childhood companions, family friends, and all of the brave, vibrant loved ones that I’ve been so lucky to know who have fought cancer. This terrible disease afflicts friends and parents and loved ones everywhere, and too often it silences the people closest to cancer patients. Countless many who are suffering in their own right feel they cannot speak up to share their stories or ask for help. I am biking for everyone that cancer has left hurt or incomplete. I am biking for those who cannot, and who go to bed worried about what tomorrow may bring. I am biking for and to families silenced by cancer, to remind them there is always someone willing to listen; there is always strength to overcome.

I irrevocably believe that like minds, unified around a common goal and committed to realizing it as one body, can change the world, and really, that nothing else ever has.

Thank you for taking time to visit this page and learn about our mission, and please reach out to me or any of us to share your story or learn more about us.