About Me


  • Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Houston

About: Hi!! I'm Han. I am a first-year student at the University of Texas, currently studying environmental science. I'm from Malaysia. If you don't know where it is, you need to look it up RIGHT now! Malaysia has one of the most beautiful islands there is! One of my favorite things to do is anything that concerns the outdoors: hiking, camping, fishing, or just a stroll in the park! I am also a (ex)-swimmer. I've been swimming since I was seven years old and quit senior year of high school before I went off to college. I'm also a major dog lover (cats do not even compare). All in all, I am super excited to spread some knowledge about Texas 4000 and everything it stands for.

Why I Ride

The main person I ride for is my grandpa. He was so much more than a grandfather to me. He was my best friend as a kid - a role model I looked up to. Almost every childhood memory I have includes him. We spent our days fishing and our nights playing card games, one hour after the other. We were inseparable. A dynamic duo that would make even Batman and Robin jealous.

However, in late September of last year he was rushed to the hospital due to breathing problems. And as quick as he went in, he was gone. Doctors said he caught an illness at the hospital and was just too weak to fight it.

The next few months were dedicated to comprehending what just happened. I started to realize the degree of trauma it has put into my family's life. It was difficult for me but I think about my family and wonder how they're taking it and if it could be even worse for them. I think about my sisters, who were just as close to him; I think about my mom who must be taking it even harder losing her father; I think of my baby cousins and wonder how their life will turn out without such an amazing figure to help them grow like I did. However, this loss has made us appreciate the time we had with him. It harnessed love and appreciation in all of us. But not only that, we also had hope for tomorrow, hope that together we'll make it through.

Being involved in Texas 4000 has given me an opportunity to spread hope to the people I'll meet along the way during my 4,500 mile bike ride. I want to spread hope to every single person battling cancer, and in doing so, show my grandpa the immense love I have for him. Every mile I ride will be dedicated to his life.

I ride for my grandpa. I ride to make a difference. I ride for HOPE.