About Me


  • Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Opelika, Alabama

About: I'm a junior architecture student from Opelika, Alabama. I love architecture, art, and my siblings, Allison and Kevin. I came to the University of Texas without having knowledge of extracurricular organizations like T4K. I was so blown away when I found out about it, but thought it was too crazy for someone like me to join. In the summer of 2015, I completed a summer design studio at UT, and met a friend named Michael. He is a cancer survivor himself, and a 2016 Texas 4000 cyclist. I was encouraged by his story, and decided to apply. Since making the team and meeting the rest of my teammates, Texas 4000 has already changed "about me" and "why I ride." Texas 4000 is becoming more and more integral to my life as an organization and as a concept. The idea of doing something ordinary (biking) as a tool for something bigger is a concept I hope to apply to the other areas of life. And although Texas 4000 is not a Christian-affiliated organization, I ride for the eternal hope found in Jesus as well as the earthly hope of curing cancer.

Why I Ride

"Any ride deds?"

This is how we start each Texas 4000 meeting. "Ride deds" are rider dedications, a concept created to share the stories of how people in our lives have been affected by cancer. I ride because every meeting hands fly up, and I wish they didn't have to. But better than imagining a world without cancer is working towards one. I ride because some of the stories are ones of remission and cancer-free friends. I hope that the efforts of Texas 4000 will create more like those.

"Do not resent your place in the story. Do not imagine yourself elsewhere. Do not close your eyes and picture a world without thorns, without shadows, without hawks. Change this world. Use your body like a tool meant to be used up, discarded, and replaced. Better every life you touch." N.D. Wilson