About Me


  • Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2017
  • Hometown: San Antonio, TX

About: Hello! My name is Victoria Ibarra and I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs Go)! My grandparents came to the U.S. from Mexico and made Texas home. I'm blessed to have a close relationship with my family -- they are my greatest source of support. I have two younger sisters who I'm incredibly proud of, and who inspire me to push myself to achieve all that I can achieve. With their encouragement, I successfully completed my first half-marathon in February 2016! My parents and grandparents taught me that family is everything, and I'm excited to include my teammates and everyone I connect with through Texas 4000 in my family.

In addition to being a member of the Texas 4000 2017 team, I’m a senior Architectural Engineering major at the University of Texas at Austin.On campus, I am very involved with the Women in Engineering (WEP) program. I've had the opportunity to represent WEP at our our main event, Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (or "Girl Day" for short.) Girl Day is designed to inspire the next generation of women to pursue engineering. The experience was really special to me, as my own experience as a 10 year old at Girl Day was very influential in my dream to better the world through engineering. I have had the great opportunity to participate in undergraduate research over the past two years. Working in a lab has given me a better understanding of the incredible work researchers put into finding solutions for the world’s problems. I am in constant awe of the work being done on our campus, and I hope to to contribute towards making a positive change in the world as well.

Off the bike and outside of the lab, I enjoy playing clarinet and ukulele! I’ve played clarinet for 10 years, and had the opportunity of marching with the Longhorn Band from 2013-2016. As a long time lover of longhorn football, being in band made football games that much more meaningful. I try to spend as much time possible outside whether that be hiking, swimming, kayaking, hammocking, or gardening (I love wildflowers, plant native!).

Why I Ride

“Life isn't worth living, unless it is lived for someone else.” Albert Einstein

I ride for Armando. A dear family friend, at 28 years old he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. His passing left a massive void in the lives of those around him, particularly his wife, Elvia. Losing a partner so young, especially at the precipice of starting their lives together, Elvia suddenly had to become both a mother and father to her young daughter. It wasn’t until Armando’s passing that I began to realize that cancer affects more than just the person diagnosed. Elvia’s strength and continual love for her husband inspires me to live a life for someone else. I ride for Elvia and her daughter Ruby. I ride so that no little girl has to grow up without her father.

I ride to promote greater awareness of the signs of cancer and increase the earliness of detection. Particularly in small or Hispanic communities, such as the one I am from, there is a lack of knowledge of cancer as an issue. Tangentially, the Hispanic community struggles with other health-related issues: specifically diabetes, fitness, childhood obesity, and heart problems. Members of my family are no exception.

I ride for my grandma Antonia Sanchez who battled vulvar cancer and my grandma Sara Ibarra who fought a brain tumor and lymphoma cancer. I ride for my grandfather, Leopoldo Sanchez, who passed away last year from a heart attack and I ride for my grandfather, Rogelio Ibarra, who continues to struggle from heart conditions. I ride for my grandparents and others like them.

I ride with Texas 4000 so that I can not only raise cancer awareness but also serve as a role model and inspiration for those in my family and community to achieve and strive for a healthier lifestyle. If I can use my hope, knowledge, and physical health to help inspire someone else, then that will be a life worth living.