About Me


  • Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2017
  • Hometown: El Paso, Texas

About: Hi! My name is Thomas but most call me Tommy!
I am from El Paso, Texas.
I have an older brother who is the proud owner of a scruffy weeny dog named Ike. My parents are the most caring and supportive people in my life. Everything I do is to make them proud and thank them for the qualities they bestowed upon me including their knowledge, strength, character, and overall "coolness". Because let's face it, they are extremely cooler than I could ever dream of being. Everything I have today is because of them. I try my best to thank them as often as possible for dealing with me attempting to be an independent adult but I know I can never say it enough. Thank you mom and dad.
Collectively we own two weeny dogs and an over-sized ball of fur that at one point was an English bull dog. The bull dog, Xerxes, is currently in the middle of a custody battle between my dad and I while I am away for college but I'm sure Xerxes will make the right choice.

I am currently a pre-med biochemistry major hoping to pursue a career in the field of oncology. I originally sought after a degree in engineering but the world of medicine and its' capabilities in the human body is a future that I would appreciate being in. Becoming a rider for Texas 4000 has inspired me so much more to immerse myself in research and develop a better understanding of the various forms cancer manifests itself. I am also a huge carnivorous plant enthusiast and hope to one day become a part-time botanist. Those plants are amazing! Lastly, I am part of one of the largest service organizations, Alpha Phi Omega, here at the University of Texas and in case you're wondering who those people are, we're the the crazy ones who run out the world's largest Texas flag at UT football games!

Why I Ride

I ride for my great aunt Hortencia Ramos. She left us on February 11, 2015 after receiving extensive treatment for glioblastoma. Her joy and humor were cherished by myself and the rest of my family. Through the entire ordeal, she never faltered and was strong. She was truly an inspiration to all of us and brought strength to us even when she would barely have much of her own. One day while she was in bed, we asked her how she felt and her response was, "I feel like I can go running with the bulls." Although the treatments she received were physically exhausting, she gave us hope in knowing everything was going to be fine. Instead of us trying to help her, she helped us know the importance of appreciating every moment together and maintaining an optimistic outlook during times where it seems impossible.
After overcoming so much and still being able to retain her youthful spirit, she inspired me to join Texas 4000. Having the opportunity to ride in her memory would be such an immense honor. Her strength is what is going to motivate me to climb that next mountain, to finish those last few miles and to keep my head up when everything seems against me.
Traveling across the nation may sound crazy to some, but thinking of how many people in the world experience cancer is even more astonishing. If traveling 4500 miles means discovering better treatments or even a possible cure, I will do it.
All around the world, millions of people are fighting together to beat cancer. It is a relentless disease that continues to escape our grasp but everyday new strides are made in understanding how it works and how we can heal those affected.

Thank you for reading and taking to the time to learn more about my cause. Please consider donating to our organization and help us help those who need it most. Have a great day!