About Me


  • Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2017
  • Hometown: Lago Vista, TX
  • School Year: Senior
  • Major: International Relations and Global Studies
  • Email: elaziel16@gmail.com

About: Hola!
My name is Elaziel (Eh-lla-zi-elle). I was originally born in Mexico, but grew up in a small town called Lago Vista. I have always had a passion for volunteering and staying busy with sports and community service.

At The University of Texas, I continued my involvement in community service by joining multiple clubs and organizations that were offered by the 40 acres like Habitat for Humanity, Lions Club, Sigma Delta Tau, and believe it or not I even found time to do some schoolwork here and there. I am incredibly excited and honored to be part of Texas 4000 in the fight against cancer!

Why I Ride

When I found out about Texas 4000, I was immediately inspired by their mission to spread knowledge and hope through a leadership development program. I believe research is the key component to fighting cancer. Texas 4000 is an organization that focuses on contributing to cancer research. It has inspired me to do more and bike that extra mile for people who have been affected by cancer.

Through this amazing organization I’m learning how to be a better leader and developing lifelong relationships. Hearing the stories of my fellow riders has taught me that resilience and passion will take you far in life. This is my opportunity to push myself in ways I have never done before. I ride to see what I’m made of, help fund cancer research, and hopefully inspire others.