About Me


  • Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2015
  • Hometown: Austin, TX

About: My name is Zoe Yin and I am a Junior. Although I was born and raised here in Austin, I transferred to UT from Emory University in Atlanta. I like to think of myself as an adventurous and passionate person, eager for new experiences and to take on life’s challenges. One of my greatest passions is music. I am a member of The Ransom Notes, a co-ed a cappella group on campus, am a student DJ on KVRX, and I spend of lot of my free time singing and songwriting. Outside of music, I also love playing soccer, getting outdoors, and meeting new people!

During elementary and middle school, my family made a habit of packing up and hitting the road in a rickety old RV (which we affectionately named Tuddy—short for The Ugly Duckling) for about a month at a time over summer vacations. We would take on a section of the country—one summer it was up the east coast and into Maine and Canada, another summer it was through the Rocky’s and into Utah and Montana, and another still was up the west coast and into Oregon. Over the years I peered out of Tuddy’s wide windows and into about 40 of the 50 states. We stayed mostly at national and state parks and my parents would pretty much let my sister and I roam free where we happily scaled boulders, built clubhouses, and generally caused trouble. Some of my fondest memories come from traversing the country in Tuddy and I think that it’s through these trips that I developed a strong sense of appreciation for nature, appetite for adventure, and curiosity about the world. It’s these things that make me so excited about Texas 4000 and will keep me pushing my limits, pushing myself, and hopefully, giving all of that hard work and more back to my community.

Why I Ride

I ride for:

Paoyu Yin 1911-1989
Louisa Brolin
Laura Pettibone
Erma Rosen
Selig Frank
Marci Nozick Santiago
Jeff Newman