About Me


  • Route: Ozarks
  • Ride Year: 2015
  • Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

About: I’m Alexander Jakob Zwaan. Son of the Dutchman Johan, and New Yorker Karen. I have four siblings; my two sisters Allegra and Vick, and two brothers Andrew & Johan III. Born in San Antonio, Texas I lived a vast majority of my life there. I now reside in Austin, Texas as an undergrad studying International Relations at the University of Texas. While I may not know exactly what I want to do to when I graduate, I do know that I will travel to see and take in all that I can that this world has to offer.

While I have spent most of my life in Texas, I have lived for short periods in Riyadh, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. I have been fortunate to travel since a young age and in doing so instilled in me a passion and desire to explore, both the known and unknown. I am always up for an adventure and exploration, especially if I can help others while doing it, thus when I came across a student tabling for Texas 4000 I knew it was my calling. My father and uncle have been fortunate to survive cancer, thus when I heard of the chance to partake in a 70 day bike ride to raise awareness for cancer I embraced the challenge. I carry a positive attitude and feel that that is essential in life and it has helped get me to the point where I am today.

Why I Ride

The major reason for 'Why I Ride' is my father. Both he and his brother, Kees, have had cancer and survived. I am thankful for this everyday, as not all those who suffer have a second chance. It has become apparent that cancer tends to be genetic in the males in my family, thus I ride for my dad, uncles, brothers, myself and every other male, as well as female in my family. As well as for anyone affected by cancer, both those who suffer from it personally and family members and friends of those who are suffering. I dedicate each push of my pedal to the idea and hope that one day in my lifetime cancer will become eradicated and a treatment not as harsh as chemo will exist. While biking to Alaska may not cure cancer, it serves as a metaphor to fight to the last mile. I ride for all those who faces I have met on this journey so far, and those I have yet to meet or may never meet. I ride for you.

I dedicate my ride to
Dr. Johan Zwaan
Kees Zwaan
Jan Zwaan
Chuck Lee
Dr. Charles Honore
Ruben Bienvenu
Chris Alwell
Ruel Bobet
Norma Madrigal
Ester Gamez
Dr. J
Mary Daffern
John Dickey
Dania Hubert
Mykle Stahl
Juanita Gomez
Maura Gomez