Shaving my head wasn’t a big deal. Really. I look the same as I’ve looked in ski hats, bike helmets, and baseball caps my whole life. I expected that middle school feeling of paranoia that everyone was staring at me, and I have yet to actually feel it. I look like my dad and I […]

Brave the Shave happened this weekend. Not going to lie, the entire past week I was very on the fence about doing it; I had actually withdrawn my name from the shavee list and planned to just get a pixie cut and donate my hair. I was worried about acceptance. Here’s to choosing bravery over […]

Sometimes in our lives we all have pain We all have sorrow But if we are wise We know that there’s always tomorrow There are many days when I sit back and watch the people of 2019 Texas 4000 around me and I think, “Wow. I really, really love this team.” Like the time that […]

To the common eye, Texas 4000 is a cycling organization; however, this is a misconception. Texas 4000, in reality, is a student leadership development program that simultaneously seeks to fight cancer. The biking simply serves as a means of doing both! Of course, cycling is a large component of what we do. Each rider is […]

Today, something awful happened in my family. Everyone is safe, but one of my closest loved one’s lives will never be the same again. This situation is not ok and will never be ok, but if I’ve learned one thing about horrible situations, especially involving loss, it’s that you can only take them a day […]

We are T-60 days from the start of the summer journey. This month has been full of accomplishments. You guys helped me reach my $8,000 fundraising goal and now I’m shooting for $10,000! I have logged 1714 miles as of today, so I’d say training is well underway! And I completed all my volunteering hours […]

On Friday night from 6-8 pm, you might have seen Texas 4000 2019 team members frantically driving to the CPE parking lot to load trailers. We were preparing for our Spring Break ride. Love: Early the next morning, we all rode into the CPE parking lot at 7 am to start ride dedications. Morale was […]

I don’t know how I can explain the way I feel, but I can certainly try. How am I supposed to explain flying across the highway on my bike, and the way I glide over those crests that curve around the Austin hill country? I don’t know, but I’ll try. It’s a sensation unlike any […]

Purplestride, the 5K for Pancreatic cancer, was an incredible victory for me last year. When I found out that such a thing existed, I felt the anxiety of opening my heart and sharing my story. I also felt the exhilaration of finally feeling like something good could come of all the suffering my family had […]

This past Sunday I bit the bullet and embarked on my first true panhandling experience raising money for the 2020 team. Reflecting on the day has opened up my eyes to some of the components of hope that I haven’t had a chance to engage with on a personal level until that day, and I […]