Carlie,   I’ve tried so damn hard to stay strong the past few months. I’ve done a pretty good job up until today, May 14th. Another birthday without you and it hurts just as much as the first. Last week we celebrated your birthday. I went home to see Mom, Dad, Sissy, Troy, and our […]

November 2016 I got a mysterious phone call in the middle of my calculus class from someone who said they were with Texas 4000. I had applied and interviewed a few weeks earlier to be a part of this amazing program, not really expecting to get in. I rambled on and on in my interview. […]

If Mondays were for updates, then Saturdays were for sunrises. I sit on the hood of my car in the CPE parking lot watching the sun rise like we used to do every Saturday. When did this become my home? Today, however, there are no bikes, no jerseys, no air pumps in sight.  The past […]

It’s the elephant in the room. How will COVID affect Texas 4000? It has already created social, economic, and medical uncertainty for people on our team. It has taken our spring break ride. It has taken the rest of our semester. It has taken commencement from our graduating seniors. It has delayed the Olympics. Where […]

This weekend I was in a pretty severe cycling accident, and I’m not going to lie, it really scared me. I let the fear take over, I thought about how much pain I was in, what if I could not longer ride, wondered if anyone else was hurt, the list goes on and on. I […]

When trying to decide what my first fundraising goal would be, I was stumped. I wanted to find the perfect number. Something special, unique, and mission-focused. Something sentimental and meaningful. So no, it’s not a typo that my first goal is to raise $8,001. The day I met Maria was the day she found out […]

It’s February 16th and today was the Austin Marathon, again! Those of you who’ve followed my experience with Texas 4000 may know that I’ve had compartment syndrome. Beginning in 8th grade, my feet would fall asleep when I ran. Over the next year and a half, the compartment syndrome progressed from just making my feet […]

Wow has time flown by. It’s currently February of 2020. We are a little over 100 days out before we embark on our journey to Anchorage. Training has been going smoothly and I’m continuing to raise money. We just completed our half-century test in which we rode 50 miles in less than 5 hours. I […]

It’s the 6th of February here in Austin. I’ve ridden over 500 training miles, and we are just over 100 days from our departure to Alaska. Last night, it snowed. Not “texas snow” (hail), but actual snow. It didn’t stick too well, but this morning I woke up to roofs covered in a (very thin) […]

With the end of this fall semester, my team is now almost 12 months into this 18-month long program that prepares us to not only bike to Alaska to raise money in the fight against cancer, but also develop our leadership skills. This semester we have continued in our tremendous efforts to fundraise the most […]