On June 1st, my teammates and I began our 70-day bike ride from Texas to Alaska. I can confidently say that the past three weeks have been the most challenging and inspiring days of my life. Our send-off was on the UT-Austin campus, where we presented our first two checks to Dell Medical School and […]

“That’s a whole lot of nothing you’re going through.” I had been showing a few Santa Fe locals the next few stops on our route. Towns like Counselor, Bluff, and Kayenta didn’t ring any bells at all. We were already pretty nervous about our upcoming stint in the desert; being in the middle of nowhere […]

Despite the rain, we rolled into Bowling Green with no troubles. Since it was only a 75-mile ride & we finished with extra time on our hands. There were several bikes that needed repairs, so the afternoon was spent replacing chains & cassettes. With as many miles as we ride every day, it takes a […]

We had our second 115-mile day in a row from Huntsville to Nashville. We went up even more in elevation than yesterday & ran into some rain once we got into Tennessee. We arrived at First Presbyterian Church, 55-acres with not only the chapel, but a church, pool house, horse pasture, ropes course & so […]

It was a long 117 miles to get from Birmingham to Huntsville. We left Birmingham at 6:30 in the morning & the first group got to Huntsville at 5:30 in the evening. The elevation was more than what we had conquered so far & the distance made the ride even more difficult. We had an […]

Whenever a peer or professor asked me about my dream job in college, I always replied with the name Anthony Bourdain. He represented everything I love – travelling the world, exploring new cuisines, engaging with communities, learning and conversing about culture, history, and politics. I have an equal passion for the world of fashion, which […]

Our day today was even shorter than yesterday, a mere 50 miles! We left early from Tuscaloosa & made it to the Hueytown Baptist Church early in the day. After cleaning our bikes, we headed over to Planet Fitness to take showers before dinner. We didn’t have plans for dinner, but our teammate, Revanth’s parents […]

It was a short 65 miles from Columbus, MS over the state line to Tuscaloosa, AL today. Early on in the ride, we were greeted at the state line by a wonderful donation from Sonic that provided a sandwich to each rider. We all ate a burger at 9:30 & it fueled the day. We […]

Day 10: Rest Day in Wichita, KS After settling into the homes of our generous hosts, we woke up refreshed and ready to explore Wichita. We had the freedom of a completely open schedule. Many of us worked on our computers or read in local coffee shops. Later in the day, some of us relaxed […]

After several smooth miles on the Natchez Trace Parkway, the team made our way back to the busy roads on our way to Columbus. Not only did we encounter missteps in directions, but also a particularly horrific gravel road. After 80 long miles in the heat, we were glad to make it to Vibrant Church, […]