“Riding for a cause”

A group of college students fighting cancer will be stopping in Guymon during their 7th annual, 4000 mile journey across the country.

The Texas 4000, Rocky Mountain group consists of 23 bicyclists, making their way from Austin, Texas to Anchorage, Alaska to help fight cancer and will be in Guymon on Wednesday, June 15. The riders will be welcomed into town and hosted for the evening by Living Word Fellowship, who will be providing them a pot luck dinner, which will begin at 6:30 p.m., and lodging for the night.

“Our riders, all University of Texas students, are the passionate young people at the heart of the organization,” Stephens said. “They train, fund raise, educate and bring hope to those with cancer.”

The groups mission is to bring hope, knowledge and charity to those effected b cancer in one way or another.

“We share hope by letting those touched by cancer know that people like us are riding for them and are determined to eliminate the disease, we share knowledge by bringing life-saving information about cancer prevention to communities large and small and we share charity by making a commitment to support cancer research and lead the charge in overcoming cancer,” Stephens said.

Pastor Stephens also wished to invite the community to come and support the group’s pot luck dinner and afterward listen to a presentation by the riders. Those interested in attending the pot luck are asked to bring a covered dish.

“We want to make this a community event,” said Stephens, “This year we are inviting the community to join us as we welcome these ambitious young men and women.”
Living Word will provide the riders with “a hearty breakfast and much needed prayer,” just before the group gets back to their journey.

“We ride for those fighting cancer, we ride in memory of those lost to cancer, we ride in support of those caring for loved ones suffering with cancer and we ride to a future without cancer.”

For more information about the group or to track their journey, visit their website at www.texas4000.org

By Miranda Fleming