Cost To Participate

By joining Texas 4000, you will receive a road bike to train on and a helmet to stay safe while on the bike at no cost to you. There are certain additional costs that riders should expect to take on during their time in the program. Below is a summary of potential costs a rider may take on.

Gear Provided by Texas 4000 for CancerĀ 

No cost to the riders

  • Road bikes: retail $1,200 per bike
  • Helmets: retail $90 per helmet

Upon completion of the ride, riders will get to keep their bike and helmet

Rider Expenses

Approximate totals between $1,500-$2,000
Price varies on how much you purchase and/or how much you previously own

    • Gear cost (provided by Texas 4000 at steep discounts):
      • Training Jersey: $54
      • Starting Cycling Gear: average $450
      • Camping Gear: average $200-600
      • Cycling Uniform: average $150-450
      • Replacement Bike Equipment: average $150
    • Bike maintenance:
      • Routine maintenance: ~$100
      • Bike Fits: ~$150-$300
      • New Saddle (bike seat) or other parts: ~$100
    • Return flight from Alaska: ~$500

Ways to Minimize Cost

        • Rider Scholarships available to help with the cost of gear
          • Guidelines and eligibility for scholarships can be found here
          • You can indicate an interest in a rider scholarship on the Texas 4000 application when applying
        • Fundraise toward your gear costs
          • Guidelines to follow for gear fundraising will be shared upon joining Texas 4000
        • Purchasing used camping gear from former riders
        • Sharing supplies with teammates
          • Ex. tents, cooking equipment
        • Optional free ride home from Alaska- Driving the vans/trailers from Alaska back to Austin