• Route: Sierra
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: El Paso, Texas

About: Hi I’m Javi ! In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing volleyball, bouldering, and exploring new places with friends. You can typically find me sprinting across campus in between classes eating frozen grapes along the way. I recently started whipping up matcha lattes and will soon make the perfect latte to power me through the day. I’m always looking to make new friends (a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet) so feel free to reach out! :)

Why I Ride

Growing up, I always heard my family refer to my grandma Irma. I still hear so many stories about how if there were a best mom contest, she would win undoubtedly. So many life lessons were taught to me through her memory and unfortunately that is the only way I will ever get to meet her. She passed away from colon cancer when she was 39, leaving my mom and her three sisters behind. At 17, my mom had to quickly learn how to snap into reality and step up to care for everyone. Although this made my mom the best cook in the world, it stripped her of her being able to fully grow up with her mom by her side through many life events that we all dream of. I’m not sure what I would do without my mom, but she is truly one of the strongest people I know and definitely the best mom I could ask for. I ride for grandma Irma, my mom, and those that endure the repercussions of the fight long after the battle is lost.

In 2015 I watched as my cousin Gilbert was diagnosed with leukemia not long into his second semester of college. It was truly inspiring to see how hopeful he was able to stay during his fight. I remember visiting him and spending holidays in the hospital hoping to get everything off his mind. Some visits were filled with jokes and laughter, but others were heavy, weary and probably made it even harder for him to keep his head up. Many of the days that I have been lucky enough to have as a healthy adult were spent in the hospital for him. To this day, his treatment still affects him and he will never be in the same condition as he was before. I ride for Gilbert and all those that are now in remission.

My Nina has always been one of my biggest supporters even though we have not lived in the same state for much of my life. I hold so many memories from visiting each other over the years and it was not till I got a little bit older that I found out about her fight against breast cancer. Although I was not there when it happened, it made me cherish those memories even more knowing that her fight could have ended very differently. Seeing how this continues to impact her life today made me realize how relentless cancer can be. I ride for my Nina Diana and those affected even after their battle is won.

To Grandma Irma, Grandpa Gilbert, Gilby, Nina, Tia Mary, Andy War, Blanca, Rachel, Grandpa Jose Luis, Mr. Acuna, and Roger Glen I ride for you!

Beyond my family ties, I ride for the people of El Paso and similar areas that may not always have the resources needed to continue their fight.

For those currently fighting, I am riding and fighting for you.
For those fighting a fight unknown to us, I ride for you.

I am riding for myself and my loved ones, and for you and yours.

See you soon in Anchorage!

If you have someone that you would like me to ride for please let me know!