• Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2024
  • Hometown: Houston, TX

About: Hey! Hi! Hello!!

To begin, I just want to thank you so so much for providing any type of support and dropping by to learn about Texas 4000- it means the world. My name is Isabel Yang, born and raised in Houston (Go 'stros!), and the oldest of three girls. My passions include running, hiking, quilting/sewing, reading, and attempting to beat my siblings in board games.

UT wise, I am very into anything science and law based, and am in the Daily Texan copy editting department. You can find me in Austin most days at a library or a coffee shop!

Why I Ride

I have always been a champion of opportunity, living as a light, and all things health. Having heard stories of my late grandmother and the light she brought to the world, yet never meeting her because of her illness always brought a sense of helplessness within me.

In a world today where we have so much wariness, I hope to bike to Alaska to aid in taking away even a bit of uncertainty through funding cancer research. I hope to help those in situations having been diagnosed and to help loved ones around them not feel as helpless- to know that there can be and there is a solution. I hope to never have anyone feel what I have felt- loss of possibility. I hope that I can contribute to increasing the amount of people who have exposure to cancer research and are able to participate in trials, getting the help that they need- never limited by lack of medical knowledge or reach.

Hope is so powerful, and I want hope, JOY, and peace to resonate within everyone that I interact with and ride for! Supporting Texas 4000 means being a optimist, it means seeing a light, it means expanding knowledge and charity even in the hardest of hills.

So, I ride hoping that the physical challenge, though uncomparable with the journey of battling cancer, inspires and allows others to know that they have a force of support, faith, and love behind them.

To Alaska with joy and unabandoned determination!
Isabel Yang